Geraldton, Perth, Denmark & Esperance

October 19, 2013 - Perth, Australia

Gosh we have been remiss in writing the blog.

Well we spent five nights in Geraldton, what a lovely seaside town.  Spent time looking around the town which has quite a bit of history and a very big port.  We did a day trip out from the town to look at the wildflowers, not that we saw a heap.  A very nice respite.

Then on to Perth where we reconnected with our friend Rhonda and spent an evening with her friends before we left for a short trip to the south west.  With the van left at the caravan park we spent the first night at Denmark in a cabin.  We explored the tingle tree forest and did the tree top walk in Walpole on the way.  Whilst in Denmark we went and visited one of Rhonda's work colleagues at his house - he has a wonderful location on the edge of the inlet and has waterfrontage.  So after a cup of coffee and a walk to check our his property we moved on.

Then we travelled on to Esperance which is another loverly seaside town with a very big port, white sand and pristine waters.  The town itself is large enough to have what we jokingly call the major food groups - McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster and Subway.  It even has a three theatre cinema complex.  We spent our time having a jolly good look around the bays and beaches and at the pink lake.  The pink lake is a large salt lake that ordinarly is pink because of the interaction of algae's, creating beta carotine colouring the lake pink.  But a couple of years ago they had huge rains and the fresh water disrupted the balance and its now an ordinary lake.  They think it will become pink again in time.  It'd had better go pink again because they have a road, shopping centre and caravan park called 'pink lake'.

We also spent a day in the Cape LeGrand National Park which was even more beautiful white pristine bays.  We went on a walk between lucky and thistle bays across the headlands and saw lots of wildflowers and three Ornate Dragon lizzards (check out the photos).

After we dropped Rhonda off at Esperance airport Peter and I took off for Hyden to see wave rock.  The rock is truely amazing and interesting in how it formed through a combination of water and wind erosion - see the photos.  Trying to get accomodation that night was a mission from Mars - everything within a 100km radius was booked, we ended up at a grain town called Narembeen in a very nice little motel unit.  The next day we treked back to Perth via York, which is WA's first inland town which had lots of hertitage architecture.

Back in Perth we have attended the domestics like getting new tyres for the car and washing.  Also, have caught up with another friend Kate who works at the mines.  We had a lovely lunch and walk around the wildflower displays in Kings Park.  We decided to stay in Perth over the weekend as the weather is going to be wet and yucky.  We are going to head north again on Monday to try and find some warm weather....

Love to hear from you all.



Blue and Purple Wildflowers
Lilac and Yellow Wildflower
Pink and White Wildflower
Baby Osprey in Nest


silver niece:
October 19, 2013
Aww we didn't get to see the wildflowers when we were there! Thanks for the photos : ) Scott and I also did the tree top walk when we did our 2 week road trip to Kalgoorlie and around that area. Esperance was lovely - ALL of the beaches around there were so beautiful! They might need to buy some food colouring for that lake!
We loved Cape LeGrand NP - we were there for a stunning sunset. We had sleet in Yellowknife tonight - warm weather is something we won't be seeing for a while, so enjoy it for us!
October 20, 2013
It looks lovely! So great to hear the journey
Lyndsey Kinsman:
October 21, 2013
Photos look amazing. You've had such a great adventure thus far.
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