The Flinders Ranges

November 18, 2013 - Melrose, Australia

We have just spent three days travelling around the Flinders Ranges. All very lovely, some parts are somewhat reminiscent of the Kimberly.

One day we went to Wilpena Pound, which is a weird name for a plateau surrounded by stunning looking hills and escarpments. We walked through the only gap into the the Hills Homestead and then up to a lookout with views over the internal pound area. It was originally grazed because the area had a natural barrier impounding the stock, but due to drought the land became degraded and unviable. They then tried grazing where the main problem was getting the grain out of the pound through the gap. The pioneers spent a lot of time and energy building a road over the sliding rock to facilitate this, but alas was washed out in a flood! So they gave up after that and it later became the national park.

Other visits included:

  • · the Sacred Canyon which had a range of aboriginal etchings;
  • · Bliman township which is a coal mining town (which was created according to aboriginal    legend by a serpent who threw a fire stick at the land creating a coal seam)
  • · The great wall of china (see the photos)
  • · Stokes lookout which gave us a panoramic view of many of the ranges in the area and
  • · Yourambulla caves where there was more aboriginal art (painted and stencilled work).     We were limited in access to some the other gorges because they were 4WD access only.

The caravan park is we stayed in was on the Rawnsley Park Station and had a great view of one aspect of the external wall of the pound. It certainly made for some lovely sunset and full moon rising views. We met a great couple last yesterday and ended up having drinks and nibbles till late. They have been travelling for 2 years with their daughter who is now four and are making their way back to Perth for the new school year.

We left today and are spending one night on the way down to the Clare Valley at a place called Melrose which is nestled in the foothills of Mount Remarkable. Can’t quite see how the mountain got its name. We did a heritage walk of the town this arvo and ended up in the old pub that has been continuously licenced for the last 150 years.

Now we are finally up to date. At this stage we are planning to return to Melbourne on the 11th December but will be doing a quick trip up to Canberra for the weekend in the car. Initially we will live between Melbourne and the caravan in in Harcourt until we decide what we want to do next. We would love to hear a comment on how you are all going.


Arkaroo Rock
Binya Peak Wilpena Pound
Flinders Ranges View- Rawnsley Station at Sunset
Wilpena Pound


Jill Stemp:
November 18, 2013
I've loved reading your blog and seeing your wonderful photos. I've been envious of such a thorough trip you have done! I look forward to catching up when you're back in Melbourne.
November 18, 2013
Have enjoyed reading your blog and hopefully one day I will visit some of the places you have seen. I had 10 days in Bail in August and a week in Moolooraba in October. Going to Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore in March. Hopefully will catch up for coffee when you return. I just love this retirement life. X
November 18, 2013
Sounds like the trip, though different, is still as amazing as always. Still plenty to see before you return to Victoria... enjoy it!! :)
silver niece:
November 19, 2013
travelling for 2 years with a kid! that's neat!

i see no photos of the great wall of china... got any of the pound? sounds weird! so you'll be living at elphin st some of the time? would like to know what sort of things you're thinking of doing next....

-25 in yellowknife today! working away as usual and saving the dollars.
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