The Clare Valley and Adelaide

November 25, 2013 - Adelaide, Australia

After leaving the Flinders we ventured down to the Clare Valley to imbibe in the delights of the valley. Last time we were here it was 40oC plus and all we were bent on was shade and air conditioning. However, this time was different with much more moderate temperatures.

After cleaning layers of crud off the car we spent most of our time cycling around the Riesling pathway which was developed from the old rail line running through the district. It’s lovely cycling around beautiful undulating countryside alongside all the wineries. We dropped into the Seven Hills Winery which run by a cluster of monks. A very beautiful cellar door, church, graveyard and grounds.

Peter spent a day out with the locals at the golf course finding out the local gossip from the old farmers he played with.

The trip to Adelaide from Clare was quick and very easy since they have opened up the Northern Expressway. Our caravan park is only 4kms away from the city centre and on the linear pathway along the river Torrens – a great location (very unusual for a caravan park to be so close to the city centre). We caught up with our friends Mary and Jude on Friday night by cooking them tea in the van and us all cosily sitting in the van. Our main goal for staying in Adelaide was to catch up with our friends which we did for a large part of the time. In between we got out to see a couple of movies and went cycling along the linear pathway.

Today we are off for a couple of days in the McLaren Vale and then down to Kangaroo Island.


B Stemp's artwork in Hahndorf Gallery
Bamfurlong Gallery Hahndorf
CJ Dennis Statue Laura SA
Horrocks Tree Clare Valley


November 25, 2013
Hi Ann, sounds like you guys have had an amazing time, and hasn't the time flown?? Hmm Riesling pathway - do you peddle while holding aloft a glass of Riesling - would make for an interesting excursion!! I've loved your holiday updates, hard to believe your adventures are drawing to a close. Keep safe on your last leg before returning home for all the festive goings on.

Kylie :)
Cathy Ward:
November 27, 2013
Hi Ann and Peter
Hope you are getting the nice weather we've had here this week - still have the sliding doors open tonight as it is so warm :0)
But cool enough to sleep thankfully.
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