A few days in McLaren Vale

November 28, 2013 - Mclaren Vale, Australia

A couple of days in McLaren Vale was a nice respite after the busyness of the big city!  Its hard to imagine how so many wineries manage to survive and thrive in these economic conditions, but they do.  We indulged in a drive along the tourist route dropping into a few wineries along the way.  As always I come away shaking my head at the amount of money invested in these properties.

We did end up purhasing a few little samples to add to our collection, thereby helping the wineries stay viable!  They have a great cycleway that goes from McLaren Vale to Willunga (a neighbouring town), which we did after going the wrong way first.  Seems like a lot of these wine areas had railway lines that they have ripped up and made into cycleways.

We also managed to get a hair cut and massage which made the respite very very nice.

Today we left and have caught the (very, very expensive) ferry across to Kangaroo Island, where we will spend the next five nights.


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