Kangaroo Island

December 3, 2013 - Kangaroo Island, Australia

Other than the expense of getting to Kangaroo Island it is a lovely place to visit. The ferry is known as the most expensive in Australia.

The island is 150km long and about 50kms wide at it broadest point.  So it is plenty big enough to see lots of things. The highlights included:

  • Stokes bay, where you scramble through rocks to a beautiful bay, which in one corner has a protected rock pool.
  • Snellings beach with beautiful granite headlands and white sand
  • Bourda lighthouse, a very craggy limestone cape with a lighthouse and down the road a cemetry for all the isolated lighthouse workers and families (they all died young)
  • Flinders Chase National Park where there was another lighthouse and a wonderful fur seal colony.  They have installed a great boardwalk system where we could view the seals lazing about and frolicking in the water.  The board walk wound around the cape and underneath the limestone cliff was the admirals arch (where the limestone is wearing away).  The seals have made it their home.
  • Further around the park was Weir Bay where they had set up flying fox to move the deliveries from the beach up to the lighthouse store.  Even further around was the remarkable rocks, where like the murphy's haystacks the granite rocks have eroded leaving magnificant rock sculptures sitting atop more granite.  Check out the photos.
  • We also undertook the snake gully walk which wound down to the rocky river that flowed out to the sea - very wild and beautiful. No snakes though
  • A visit to the raptor park to view a display of a range of beautiful birds including: Kestral, Barn Owl, Tawny frogmouth, lesser sooty owl, blue wing kookaburas and wedge tail eagles.  The handlers did a great job to inform and let people handle and touch the birds.  All birds are rescue birds and for some reason are unable to be released back to the wild.
  • Then on to the seal lion colony where we took a beach tour amongst the colony.  The sea lions go to sea for three days and fish solidly, they then come ashore and sleep for three days.  So there are sea lions coming and going all the time.  They are funny to watch as they surf their way into shore and lumber their way onto the beach and flop down.  There were many new pups about two months old, just lying around suckling off mum.  But when mum is out fishing they are all alone.  There are about 1000 sea lions in the colony and each year they have about 250 newborns and the same amount of deaths/relocations as the population remains static.
  • We had a lunch out a marron farm.  Marron are type of fresh water crayfish and are breed in dams for 2-4 years (they tend to put on 100gms of weight a year).  They have the highests meat/shell ration of most crustaceons at 42%.

After five nights we made our way back to the port and aboard the very expensive ferry to the mainland.  Our next leg of our journey is homewards along the limestone coast.



Ann at Snelling Beach
King Georges Beach
Koala @ Parndana Wilderness Park
Kookaburra @ Parndana Wilderness Park


December 7, 2013
Sounds great, reading your blog I just feel like I am there with you. Missed a few phone call from you. I seem to be out a lot of the time. Very busy this week as last week at work before LSL commences.
Jill Stemp:
December 8, 2013
Hi Anne & Peter
Mike and I look forward to catching up with you when you're back.xxx
December 8, 2013
Kangaroo Island sounds great!! It is one of the places that is on my bucket list. I will have to get there one day. Glad to see that even though it has taken most of the journey.... there are finally photos with the two of you in them :)
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