The Limestone Coast and the homeward journey

December 17, 2013 - Harcourt, Australia

Well we are nearing the end of our journey. On the way back from Kangaroo Island we stopped at Victor Harbour and enjoyed the delights of the lovely area, which included a walk out across the jetty to the granite island and a walk around it. On the way back we caught the horse drawn tram - drawn by one Clydesdale horse.

One day was spent cruising the Coorong - a great experience. For $98 we had a full day cruise, lunch, arvo tea, two walks across the spit to ocean beach and to see an aboriginal midden. The cruise went about 70kms up the Coorong and we saw all sorts of bird, including many migratory birds that have come from the artic and Russia. We saw where the filming of storm boy took place and of course many pelicans.

From Victor Harbor we tootled down to Robe - which is yet another delightful seaside town. We had a lovely bike ride around the area, including a very picturesque harbor.

From Robe we travelled to Mount Gambier and spent several days exploring the district. We took a walking tour of the blue lake water works and went down a lift and through an 80 meter tunnel to have a close up look at the lake. It is used as the towns water supply as it is plentiful and well filtered through layers of limestone. The town doesn't have water restrictions and is very green. The lake turns cobalt blue in summer as the sediments settle as the light interacts with the clear water. There are a couple of other sink holes around town that have established gardens made in them. Check out the photos.

From there we went to Horsham for our nephews Harry's 17th Birthday. Then on to Ballarat to leave the caravan at Brother Brian’s House. After a nights stay in Melbourne with brother Noel (AKA Silver brother) we went to Canberra for the weekend to visit with Sue (who I did my doctorate with) and her lovely husband John.

I guess you can say we are back now after a visit to Harcourt and Castlemaine for a haircut and lunch... We just have to get jobs and figure out where we want to live.

Thank you all for coming on our journey with us as you can probably guess this is our last post – Bye.




Asleep Fur Seals - Goolwa Barrage
Cattle Point Coorong
Coorong Birds feeding @ Low Tide
Coorong Sandhills


December 17, 2013
Enjoyed it very get back to work like everyone else!
Jill Stemp:
December 17, 2013
Boo Hoo! he journey is over but it will great to see you again
Noel Allenby:
December 17, 2013
Hey! You missed the silver brother visit in between the golden brother visit and Canberra trip :-(
December 17, 2013
Wellcome back to the real world! Good luck with the job search. I hope your search does not take you too far from Harcourt.
silver niece:
December 17, 2013
haha, Dad's a silver sibling too! :p

thanks for blogging - makes me want to go around Oz even more! life will be weird for you now that you have finished your trip. when do you get the doggies back? have fun job- and house-hunting!
December 17, 2013
Thank you so much for sharing you journey with us. Good luck on the job front and finding somewhere that you want to settle down in for the next few years!! Thanks to for letting us kept the doggies through your journey as they are the most enjoyable companions. Talk soon. :)
December 18, 2013
We have thoroughly enjoyed your trip, narration and pictures.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Cathy Ward:
December 22, 2013
You've done such a great job with the blog - thank you so much - it has been great looking at all the places you've visited and learning more about Australia. Good luck with the job hunting and settling back into ordinary life :0)
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