Day8 - Mt St Helens

September 11, 2010 - Morton, Washington, United States

It is September 11 today but it seems like any other day since I got here, there didn’t seem to be any different. But mind you we were suppose to have a minute silence at 6am which is 9am New York time if I have it right and we were asleep anyway. Today we left Stevenson behind and headed to Mt St Helens. Mt St Helens is the most recent volcano to erupt, it is amazing to see how the wildlife was devastated from the eruption. Mt St Helens had a major eruption in the 1980’s that blew out the side and there was so much ash and the blast destroyed all living things within that direction. It had a small eruption in 2004. There is also a lake called Spirit Lake that was used for fishing and recreation before the 1980’s eruption and grew twice asw big as the blast blew the water out of the lake and as it did that dragged all the trees that got knocked over in the blast down into the lake, it is now covered in 30% of floating logs. When it first happened it was covered in 80% of logs, as time go by the logs sink to the bottom of the lake. Asyou drive to Mt St Helens you can see the logs lying down in the direction that the blast took. You can also see where the blast zone was as the rest of the area is covered in green pine trees.


From the top of the view point you can see the 3 other surrounding mountains, Mt Hood (which we saw yesterday) Mt Adams and Mt Rainer ( which we are going to tomorrow). It is so amazing. We had a Ranger talk about Mt St Helens and about the 1980s volcano blast. I got really burnt at this point as I forgot my hat and sunscreen, just my face was burnt. It is really cold the higher to the top of the mountains you get as they are all covered in snow. We had a picnic lunch with a view of the mountains, it was an amazing view.

After seeing Mt St Helens we headed to our next hotel at Morton, Washington, which is much nicer than the last place we stayed at. As our tour guide Lara has all the camping gear in the trailor we had a good ole BBQ (I do miss a good home cooked meal) we had angus beef with mashed potatoes, salad and garlic bread. Lara was talking to a fisherman earlier about his catch and he came up to us and gave us some small landlock salmon to cook on our bbq. Landlock salmon is when they cant jump up the river and spawn in the lower rivers. It was beautiful fish to eat, it was white flesh and very tasty. We even had another older couple give the group ice cream at the rate we were going we didn’t need to go to the store to buy food. I opened up the two bottles of wine i brought yesterday and they were really nice, the pear honeywood was sweet and easy to drink and the triple berry was like drinking ribeena. Tomorrow we are headed up Mt Rainer.


At the Hotel in Morton - BBQ Dinner
Landlock Salmon
Mt St Helens
Mt St Helens
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