Day 9 - Mt Rainer

September 12, 2010 - Morton, Washington, United States


We headed to Mt Rainer today. The weather was really nice until we started to head up the Mountain. We got to 5600ft up the mountain which is the highest that you can drive and then have to hike the rest of the way. The snow level was at 9000ft. Mt Rainer is about 14,000ft high so it was higher than Mt Hood. We only saw a small part of Mt Rainer as cloud covered most of it, we did see a glacier on the side of Mt Rainer.

There are heaps of landslides and you can see the evidence on the side of the mountains, we saw a really cool landslide yesterday on the way to the hotel I will have to put the photo up. When we got to the 5600ft mark we had a gentle walk to see what we could of Mt Rainer and we had lunch there and then went for a walk to see myrtle falls, we overheard someone said can you see the black dots on the hill they are bears, so we had to investigate and they were or at least we are pretty sure they are bears. They were moving black blobs on the hill, have a look and let me know what you think they are.

Apart from the black blobs we did see deer roaming round the mountain.

After we all had finished on the mountain we headed back to the hotel and had another dinner at the hotel of bbq chickens, salad and bread rolls (A bit more healthy than eating is a restaurant). Tomorrow we will be heading to Forks, Twilight Town for 2 nights.


Bumble bee on Mt Rainer - Camero
All I saw of Mt Rainer
Mt Rainer
Brown glacier on Mt Rainer

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September 13, 2010
looks and sounds very interesting
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