Day 20 and 21 - Las Vegas watch out!!!!!!!

September 23, 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

I got my own back in the girls in the Hostel when I got up at 5.15am and tried to make as much noise as I could.

I picked up the Contiki bus without any problem but it was an early start getting to the pick up location. The people seem to be ok there is a real mix of people, some seem a bit strange but I shall see how it goes. Our tour leader is interesting and I will leave it at that. Once on the bus we drove from LA to Barstow for a rest break Barstow is in the middle of no where.

From there we headed to Las Vegas. On the bus we had speed dating so that we can meet half of the bus and they played a dating game with one of the single girls and 3 guys similar to perfect match. It was quite funny as the guys were giving stupid answers.

Oh by the way most of the people on the bus are mostly Australian.

Driving into Las Vegas it is amazing that they have built all this in the middle of the dessert, each of the outside of the casinos look amazing. It is much cleaner and nicer than LA. It is also hotter than LA but at least it is a dry heat here. We arrived at 1pm and our rooms weren’t ready so we had free time for 2 hours to walk around. I met a girl from New Zealand Kate who seems really nice who I have been hanging out with. When we got assigned our rooms we met our room buddy for the trip. The girl I am sharing with is also names Kate who comes from Canberra. I am so glad that our rooms are twin share. We are staying at Harrahs for two nights.

At the moment we have some down time and we have to be dressed for a night out by 6.40pm (it is 4.40pm). We are going out to dinner as a group and then we are going to 3 night clubs that girls get in free and guys have to pay $15 to get in. No one told me about the dress code apparently if girls or guys are to wear jeans they have to be dark blue or black and most girls have dresses, I didn’t even bring a dress with me, lucky I brought a pair of dark coloured jeans in LA. So hopefully I should be decent enough to get in.

I was ok to get in the club, we went out to dinner as a group and then we had a bus tour of the strip. I saw the wedding chapel that Britney spears got married in and then shortly divorced, we actually got to go into one of the Wedding Chapels and earlier I mentioned they played perfrect match well the couple got married in the chapel (not for real), the bride got sung down the isle by Elvis and he was the celebrant. (Jenny Guess What?) We actually got driven to Freemont Street for the light show, it was pretty cool, they turned off the lights for all the casinos and had a dome over head screen that stretches the whole street and they played a Queen tribute on the screens. From there we headed into town and got dropped off at the Palm Casino.

After paying $12 for a midori and lemonade I didn’t drink much but I went with Kate from NZ and got a taxi back to the casino we stayed and then went out to a couple of bars close by. Vegas looks so different at night with all the lights compared to the day time. I enjoyed walking around and taking in the sights.

The Friday we had to ourselves so Kate and I walked along Las Vegas boulevard looking at the different casinos and the themes. We started at 10.30am and by 4pm we only made half the boulevard. As I had sore feet the night before I went show shopping but I wasn’t prepared to pay the prices so I wore my thongs out to the V variety show at 8pm. At 7pm, I went to see the show in front of treasure island, I can tell you the guys would enjoy it it was about the sirens calling to the sailors but they had next to no clothes on. After the show had finished we headed to the V theatre. The V variety show had a juggler, magician, daredevil, balancing acrobats. It was a pretty good show. Afterwards the tour manger organised hire stretch hummers to cruise up and down the boulevard for an hour. We had to pay of course but the limo we were in had dumb blonde bimbo girls who thought it was nice to pull a homeless guy who stuck his head into the limo fully into the limo. Apart from the fact that he stuck, he wouldn’t leave unless we gave him money. I just think it was a stupid thing to do he could have pulled a knife or anything on us.

I survived the limo tour and then the limos dropped us off at the luxor which we had entry into the cathouse, girls got free champagne until 2am. This was not a good thing, I got stuck into the champagne. Around 1am Kate and I decided to go to some of the casinos that we didn’t get to go to early in the day. It was strange as we were talking to all these people in the street we picked up a Canadian 22 year old who thought our accents were strange and had never been out of Canada before vegas we even had our photo taken with a security guard.

At last count we managed to go to 16 casinos and I only lost $15 paying the slot machines and blackjack. I can see why people can get addicted to gambling , I enjoyed playing blackjack and the guys at my table were really helpful even the dealer was helpful and mind you it was only a $1 per hand bet. Im the last of the big spenders.

At the variety show the juggler was a comedian and you know how they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas well the comedian said even your money stays in vegas which I thought how true.

I managed to get to bed at 4.30am and then had to get up and be ready by 8.45am for the bus to go to the Grand Canyon the next day.

I havent written for awhile as there was no free wifi in the hotel and you had to pay for it so they know how to take your money in Vegas.


Welcome to Las Vegas
Elvis and the wedding chapel
Freemont Street screens
Trump towers made with sheets of 24 carat gold
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