Day 12 - Venice Italy to Slazburg Austria

January 8, 2013 - Salzburg, Austria


We are half way through our tour.

Finally our last day in Italy. We are on the bus headed to Salzburg, Austria. I cant wait to have something different for dinner apart from pizza or pasta. I have now started to come down with a cold , I am still soldering on and trying not to let it get the better of me. I am going to try and find a cheap digital camera at one of the rest stops today as my camera is still no good. I have just been fiddling with the settings on my camera and changed between infrared night shot and normal and it seems as my camera is back to normal with no lines. Not sure how long this will last. I will still try to find a cheap camera on my journey and look into getting a decent camera when I get back to Australia.

We stopped at a service stop our first in Austria and it was so clean much nicer than the AutoGrill service stations in Italy. The toilets even had a nice fragrance and the sound of birds. There were fresh food and fruit and salads not like the other stops, it was so clean.

It is a travel day but it isn’t going to be too long a day on the bus as I have an optional trip of doing a ‘Sound of Music’ tour this afternoon. Apparently the tour goes for 4 hours. I cant wait. I am excited to see the set of the film as I grew up watching sound of music.

I did like the Sound of music tour which all up was around 4 hours. The tour guide explained how the film was budgeted to take 6 weeks to film but in reality took 11 weeks as they only wanted to film when it was sunny which apparently it is very grey and rainy a lot of the time. We first stopped off at the Gazebo where Leisel and Frederick sang I am 16 going on 17 in Hellbrunn Palace Park. They have locked up the gazebo as there was too many accidents of people hurting themselves and going through the glass from jumping over the seats as in the movie. Not far was also the area that they used to film the driveway leading to the house but there is no house at the end of them. The actual Von Trapp family house is behind a train station and is fenced and cannot see it from the road, it actually isn’t that big. The von trap family home shown in the movie is an art school and again isn’t something that you are allowed to walk through. We only drove past it in the coach.

We then went to the lake where the children fell into the water and where the Captain and Maria talked. It is surprising how they film different parts and piece it together to make it look as if it is one house.

We stopped at St Gilghen which is the scene in the opening credits of the movie however for the rest of the hills are alive is actually in Germany.

We then had an hour stop in Mondsee where the church that Maria and Captain Von trapp got married in towards the end of the movie. We went to café Braun for a very yummy berry yoghurt cake and hot chocolate with crème and chocolate sprinkles. We had to get back on the bus at 5pm and head back to the hostel and had a walking tour where we saw the birthplace of Mozart and the garden/fountain where Maria and the children we they sing doe a deer a female deer song mind you the fountain wasn’t there and not working due to being winter. From our walking tour we headed to dinner.

We had an included dinner at 8pm at Stadtwirt. I had salmon and potatoes and homemade ice cream for dessert. The other girls had apple strudel and I had a taste and it was undercooked and the pastry tasted raw. It wasn’t that nice considering Austria is suppose to be known for its apple strudel.

You wouldn’t believe that there was smoking allowed in the restaurant and I couldn’t wait to get out of it. There were also ashtrays in the actual toilet cubicle. I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant.


The Sound of Music Gazebo with tour guide
Where the children fell into the water
Driveway for the house in the movie
Opening view of the sound of music
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