Day 13 Salzburg Austria

January 9, 2013 - Salzburg, Austria


Today was a much more relaxing day, woke up around 8.45am and had breakfast in the hostel and got ready and headed into town round 10am.

I walked round with Jess and we saw Mozarts birthplace in the day light, it cost 17 euro to go through the museum and the birthplace but we gave it a miss. I am a bit mueseumed out.

Jess and I had lunch at restaurant in town I had pumpkin and ginger soup which was nice and then had apple strudel. It wasnt that good it seemed like it was reheated and the pastry was burnt on the bottom.

Jess headed back to the hostel to rest and I caught the trolley bus to the red bulk ice rink. After confusing the bus driver and paying my 2.30 euro I got on to head to Volkswargen where the arena is. I missed my stop and got off the next stop and walked back. I eventually found the arena. It cost me 7 euro for skate hire and to skate. It was good to do something fun not that I am good at skating and I did stake it once and have a very sore knee from it. Im just glad no one I knew wasn’t there to see me fall. I saw the little girls on the main arena practicing figure skating. I stuck to the practice rink, after my hour of skating I gained a bit of confidence but I couldn’t stop when the little kids skate out in front of you.

From there I wandered back into town and walked my way through the shops and headed back tot eh hotel for 5.30pm to meet up with the other girls for dinner.

We went to Gasthof Alter Fuchs which had traditional Austrian food. It was a quaint little restaurant with rustic timber chairs and tables. I had a cordon blu pork schnitzel which was nice and tried the apple strudel. But was again disappointed it tasted like it was reheated. It looked nice and presented well but tasted very ordinary. So now having 2 apple strudels in one day and not impressed. I don’t think I will be trying any more apple strudel. I would have to say since hitting Italy I have notice there are dogs everywhere even tonight there was a dog in the restaurant. I went into a clothes/novelty shop earlier and there was a whippet which appeared to the shop owners dog. I still cant get use to it.

Having spent a day in Salzburg and looking back at my time in Italy. I much prefer Austria. Italy seems dirty and always rushing and crowds of people everywhere and I have felt paranoid ever since Rome with the pick pocketer. I have felt safe walking round on my own and especially after dark considering it gets dark at 5pm.


Mozarts Birthplace
Redbull Ice Arena
Apple Struddel looks nice but not really!


January 12, 2013
We couldnt agree more with what you think about Italy. We have passed through Italy at least 6 times and are never impressed. Austria and Germany are much nicer and cleaner and feel safter. I dont even like the people in Italy compared to other countries in Europe. They are never helpful and everything is so much more expensive and such a lower standard than other surrounding countries which are cheaper and better. But we do know other people who absolutely love Italy so there you go!! Jenny
January 12, 2013
P.S Raelene,
We really loved the whole Sound of Music thing in Salzburg too....its great to see it all.
auntie irene:
January 12, 2013
Dear Raelene. Hi .Loved reading your blog. Sorry about knees and cold but soldier on, do it for England or Oz if you must.
We went to Canterbury and visited the Cathedral .Enjoy the rest of the trip it is really cold here. xxauntie irene and mum.
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