Day 14 - Vienna, Austria

January 10, 2013 - Vienna, Austria


Still in Austria, we had a fairly short driving day headed to Vienna the capital of Austria. We had a lunch stop at Hofburg palace for an hour to wander round the gardens, it wasn’t long enough to pay the admission to go round the palace.

We only have one night in Vienna compared to the other stops where we have had 2 nights and one full day in each city.

We had a driving tour of Vienna and it is such a big city. We got to our hostel around 2.30pm. After settling into the room, we were back to 2 share and we had a bathroom in the room. The Salzburg stop we had shared bathroom facilities, it was nice not having to fight to go to the toilet.

Tonight I took up the optional extra of going to an Viennese concert at Kursalon. I had to meet the at 8pm at the concert hall. I got changed into some nice going out clothes and wandered round the city. I posted a postcard to Mum and Aunty Irene (Aunty Irene - I have sent it to your address but I will probably beat my postcard back to London) I stopped in a café to have a hot chocolate and a torte. I have to say Vienna has been the best hot chocolate beats all the others I have had all trip it was hazelnut flavored. They had so many flavored hot chocolate to choose from coconut to mint to the standard milk, dark and white chocolate.

It was getting dark around 5pm and it was nice to see the lights of the city and to see the old stone buildings lit up. There is still some Christmas decorations lit up.I saw the original opera house in Vienna. 3 hours really isn’t enough to see Vienna, I am a buit disappointed that we were only here for one night. I found my way to the meeting point and then found a nice little cage to have dinner. I walked into a Viennese café where people sat smoking and sipping their glass of wine. I saw 3 old men playing backgammon. It was interesting to sit in the café and just watch everyone. There were a lot of people on their own just reading the paper and having a glass of wine. Mind you the smoke was a but much but an experience all the same. I had a natural snitchel with rice and salad, as much as it sounds plain, the schnitzel was covered in this amazing gravy and was so delicious. I thought I would try their apple strudel as it was such a nice main meal as it was made fresh. As they say 3rd time lucky. In this case it was 3rd time unlucky, I was disappointed yet again, the strudel tasted as if it was warmed up and really tough pastry not light and crunchy that I thought that it would be. I think I am all strudelled out and have given up on my mission to have a nice apple strudel.

I went for a short walk after dinner and headed to the concert hall. It was a beautiful building and lit up with fairy lights hanging down. The concert was classical music from Mozart and Strauss. It was all the famous compositions they played but was very entertaining the orchestra was only small but they had 2 ballet dancers performing and also opera singers to some of the pieces. The orchestra ended on playing jingle balls which was lovely to hear. The concert hall has elegant chandeliers hanging from the roof and it was very grand. I would have to say that the concert has been the highlight of my trip so far. The people in Austria seem quite friendly and pretty much everyone I have come into contact with have spoken English.


Ballet Dancers at the concert
Kursalon Hall
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