Day 17 - Budapest Hungary to Krakow, Poland

January 13, 2013 - Krakow, Poland


Once again on the bus and travel to our next country, we are headed to Krakow in Poland. It is -2oC and it is snowing as we board on the bus in Budapest. Our tour leader is Hungarian and she was saying to her how we are such a good group and her mum made gingerbread heart shaped biscuits for all of use. I thought that was quite sweet (they were yummy biscuits).

It was snowing for quite a while traveling on the bus and it is only going to get colder so we are told.

It is pretty much white all over the country side as we drive through the towns. Hungary is quite a poor city as you can see the towns and villages as you drive through them and saw quite a few hitchhikers. We passed the boarder and drove through Slovenka. One of the small towns we drove through there was ‘Smoke Weed’ painted on one of the buildings. We stopped in an alpine village for lunch which was in euros - thank god and I got a nice hot chocolate which was thick chocolate with whipped cream on top. It was a bit too early for lunch. It was nice to see the icicles handing from the gutters of the buildings and again everything covered in snow with skiers around and we even saw dog sleds.

As it was snowing, the bus journey was quite slow going through the windy roads. On the bus we watched Schindlers list. I have never watched this movie before and now I know why I didn’t watch it, when it first came out.

We had a toilet stop in Poland just after crossing the boarder and we had to pay 1 Zlotty to use the toilet.(Another country and yet another currency, I will be happy when I goes back to euros)

The tour leader paid for everyone to use the toilet but there was only 1 female toilet and a massive queue, I thought that I could hold on until we get to our hotel.

We got into Krakow at 4pm and headed straight for a walking tour of the city. The temperature was still - 3oC. There were people everywhere and there where people holding cardboard boxes handing out heart stickers in polish. They were fund raising for the hospital system and sick children.

The tour leader told us to have some money changed over as I had put my name down to do a tour of the salt mines in the morning and will need it to pay the entrance fee. Being Sunday there wasn’t many exchange places open. I went to one place as we didn’t have much options and I exchanged 50 euro and got 150 Zlotty. It sounds lot but not really. The exchange rate at a decent exchange place is 1 euro to 4 zlotty and I only got 3 zlotty for my euro. Not happy already down 50 zlotty. I never like those money exchange places. I have had bad experience with them before when I was in paris on a previous trip.

We had a little bit of time to wander round the city before headed back on the bus to stay in a hotel this time but we are still quad sharing. We had an included dinner at the hotel restaurant.

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