Day 19 - Krakow, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic

January 15, 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic


The bus driver was right, there was snow all over the bus but for 6.30am in the morning it was quite warm not as cold as I thought it would be.

Today is an early start 6.20am bags to coach and then have breakfast with 7am departure.

The group had an optional tour of going through Auschwitz concentration camp well it isn’t much of an optional extra as if you didn’t want to go you have to sit in the café and wait for the group to finish the tour. I didn’t want to go on the tour as I have been through the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and that was mortifying coming out of there. I didn’t want to put myself through a tour of a concentration camp.

I am sitting in the café typing up the few days of travel diary that I have missed. I will be putting on the feedback form about this optional extra as if you have no other options then it should be included as part of the tour not listed as an optional extra.

We have a long driving day today, we are apparently going to be in Prague at 6pm tonight.

Another country and another currency. We have to get Crowns. For lunch we stopped at Tesco which reminded me of the Walmart stops from my US trip. Tesco had everything it is like kmart and coles merged into one big shop. I got 50 euro changed and got 1200 Crowns at an exchange place outside of Tescos.

It was about 1pm for the lunch stop and then we had 5 hours on the bus before we made it into Prague. Round 4pm it was starting to get dark and there is snow covered everywhere. We stayed in a hostel outside of prague. We had a late dinner at 8pm as by the time we got off the bus and luggage it as already 6.30pm. .After dinner we had a walking tour through prague and then option to go drinking afterwards. It was sooo cold but I went in for the walking tour to see the city at night and then headed back to the hostel as it was 11pm already. I wanted to get up early for a big day of sight seeing tomorrow. We caught the metro into the town centre and back again. It is great I am starting to master the metro system for each city that we are in.


January 18, 2013
glad to know that the tour has been worth while .hot chocolate ,snow ,even learning how to use the trains ,and i even expect you now know how to get a beer in an irish pub . love dad
January 18, 2013
Your tour sounds amazing Raels. Can't believe how many places you have been to!! Who did you book it through? I love reading all your updates :) stay safe and enjoy every minute.
January 19, 2013
hi raelene,
hope you love prague. I loved the atmosphere and there really are lots of sights to see all over the city. Its one of my favorite places. You really are on a great tour.

P.S. I got your Mums post card...Thanks was a nice little surprise in an otherwise dull day !!!
Regards Jenny
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