Day 34 - London, England

January 30, 2013


Only 3 full days left in London so trying to make the most of it. Mum and I caught the train as we usually do London town and got off at Leister square and headed to Trafalgar square where we saw the Napoleon monument tower outside of the National Gallery which is where we were headed. We got there at 9.30am and it didn’t open until 10am. We went to St Martin in the field church to kill some time and had a nice warm drink at a coffee shop nearby before going down into the Crypt of the church. When we got down there is has been turned into a coffee shop if only we knew we could have had a warm drink in the crypt. Coming out of the Crypt we missed out on the rain and it was blue sky and sunny. We have been so lucky with the weather so far. It was quit warm as was expected to reach a maximum of 10oC again.

It was then after 10am so we headed to the National Gallery. The National Gallery is free to enter and has artworks from the 13th to the 19th Century. It was amazing to see all the artworks from the different periods but my favourites would have to be the French impressionist. I saw Van Gogh Sunflowers painting which I saw a similar painting he had done in Amsterdam. I saw more works from monet, cezanne and renior. I also saw unfinished painting of Michelangelo. There were a couple of English artists that I enjoyed Turner and Constable which paint more English countryside. The gallery was well worth a look if you are ever in London. Mum and I took a packed lunch and ate it by the fountain in Trafalgar Square. We then headed to the National Portrait Gallery which is also free. The portrait gallery was founded in 1856 to collect the portraits of famous British men and women from photographs and paintings and sculptures. I think the highlight for me is seeing photographs of the royal family and Marilyn Monroe.

Mum and I wandered back to Leister Square Underground and looked at a few of the shops along the way and we headed to Knightsbridge to Harrods. We headed for the Tea Room and had afternoon tea there. It was 3pm by the time we got to sit down. Mum picked ‘The Chelsea’ which is tea and scones and I picked ‘The Belgravia’ which I got to pick 5 tea fancies (small cakes) and tea. Mum and I went halves so we got to have some of both. It was lovely to have tea there and we got called ‘ladies’ very posh and we felt like ladies from in the olden times.

After having a relaxing afternoon tea and spending all our money in Harrods we went down to the basement to see the memorial for Diana and Dodi before catching the underground back to the train and headed home for dinner.


Lions at the base of Napoleon statue
National Gallery
Mum enjoying afternoon tea at Harrods
Afternoon tea at Harrods
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