Day 36 - London, England

February 1, 2013 - London, United Kingdom


Last day in London and it is miserable, it is grey and rainy. I have exhausted mum out so she is staying in today while I trudge into London on the National Rail and the underground to go to Kensington Palace. I read the free paper they hand out at the train station, it had an article about David Beckham, if you haven’t heard in Oz, David Beckam has signed a 5 month contract with Saint Germain to play soccer in France for 150,000pounds per week. The money he is earning is going to be donated to a French childrens charity. Im so disappointed that he isn’t coming to play in Australia.

I left around 8.45am and didn’t get into Kensington until about 10.30am, there were quite a few delays on the rail system.

Kensington palace is where Princess Diana use to live if you didn’t know but unfortunately you only see the historic part not the current part where the royals live today. It cost 15.95pounds to enter Kensington Palace (this includes 1.95 pound donation for restoration works) and got to see where Queen Victoria grew up and lived and also about her falling in love with Prince Albert. There were also the Kings and Queens Apartment to look through. I really didn’t think that it was worth the money and was disappointed as mum said she got to see Diana’s outfits when she went many moons ago. It only took me 2 hours to go through and that is spending 30minute listening to a talk about Queen Victoria. Apparently in Summer this year they are opening a new wing about the modern royal which has dresses that Princess Diana wore on display. I am a few months too early. I would recommend going when this new wing is open. There was a candid photo of Diana hanging up which was a lovely photograph. You could see how in loved Queen Victoria was with Prince Albert as she always wore black to morn his death.

Another bit of gossip, Kate and William are apparently going to be moving into Kensington Palace and there are building works going on to accommodate them at Kensington Palace.

By the time I got out of the place the rain had stopped and it was blue sky but it was chilly.

Afterwards I had my packed lunch by the lake outside of Kensington palace. The ducks/geese or what ever you may call them are scary. They are in your face waiting to be fed. I ate my lunch quickly before there were casualties namely me. I walked through Hyde Park and saw the monument Queen Victoria had commissioned to commemorate Prince Albert. It is a large gold statue of Prince Albert sitting in a throne surround by 4 statues. It is quite grandeur and having seen the Princess Diana memorial which isn’t all that but a water frountain. But I walked to see the Princess Diana memorial again and it is a circular water fountain where the public can touch the water and paddle their feet interacting with the memorial which you cant with the Prince Albert. I think the water fountain reflects Diana as the peoples princess.

I walked to the end of Hyde Park to Marble arch and by this time it was 3pm. I walked along Oxford street and walked through Selfridge and Co which is a department store on par with Harrods. I was getting quite tired and had a hot chocolate and carrot cake for afternoon tea in the cafeteria in the British Home Store for a rest and to warm up.

I wandered through the shops until I got to the Oxford underground station which it was around 4.15pm and I was so tired I decided to head back and planned with mum to go out to dinner later as it was our last night in England.

I got back around 5pm and mum got ready and we headed out for dinner round 6pm.

After our disaster meal yesterday we did decide to try another English pub. We went to ‘the moon under water’ pub which isn’t far from our flat and the meals were cheaper and better that the night before mum got the pork sausages with peas and mash and cost 5.45pound and I got chicken pesto pasta for 6.95pound. They were ok but still not the best quality of meal. The best pub meal I have had was at the Rose and Crown. The moon under water was quite a nice pub, it was a busy pub but it was a Friday night. I wouldn’t say that the pub was old.

We stayed till about 7pm and headed back as we have to pack out suitcases.

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