Day 37 - Headed back to Sydney, Australia

February 4, 2013 - Sydney, Australia


You wouldn’t believe this but it was blue sky and sunny on our morning of departure. I packed my bag and heading to my Aunts place. The lady who we rented the flat from offered to drop mum and I to where Aunty Irene lived in Edmonton which I thought was quite nice which she didn’t have to do. We got to aunty Irenes around 11.30am and we headed to Edomonton Green to a litte café to have lunch. We convinced mum to buy a new suitcase as her suitcase had a broken handle and she would have struggled as she did come over. After lunch we sat in Aunty Irenes flat before heading to Healthrow at 3pm.

We arrived at Heathrow station around 5.30pm , our flight wasn’t due until 10pm. We had something light to eat at the airport and a drink but the time went quickly. Traveling with mum and Aunty Irene seem to make the time go by quickly.

After a very long flight with a 45minute stop at Changi airport at Singapore, we landed without too much trouble. I got through customs with my aussie passport ok but the queue for the ‘other passport’ holders was horrendous. I had to wait around an hour for mum an aunty Irene to come through customs. I even got their luggage before they came through customs. We got through quarantine ok and caught a taxi back to my place where dad was waiting to take mum and aunty Irene back home.

I have stayed away all day and kept busy. It is nice to be home again. I have a week left of holidays before I am due back at work.

This week I am headed to mum and dads to spend some time with Aunty Irene and show her sightseeing.

This is my last official entry in my travel diary until my next trip.

I hope to be able to catch up with everyone in the next few weeks once my aunt flies back to London.

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February 5, 2013
Well thank you Raelene for putting in the effort to let us all know exactly what you were getting up to on your holiday. It sounds as though it was a huge sucess despite our reservations about going to Europe in the winter time.
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