It is May 26th

June 1, 2009 - Dakar, Senegal

Hello Hello from Cape Town

I realize its been a month since I have updated. Sorry about that, but I've been so busy and started to forget I've lived anywhere else except Cape Town, so therefore, i'm not "traveling"

Currently I am in my finals week with exams, and my Mom, Uncle Alan, Aunt Nancy and Helen are here visting.


Ok...May 31st now.


A quick update and more to come after I travel to: Namibia, The Garden Route and Pretoria ( my upcoming adventures)


Currently I'm done with finals the 10th. I'll be staying in South AFrica, in Cape Town until the end of July until my visa is up. I have an internship with an organization called, "global deveopment for peace and leadership" where we do peace buildling. I also help out at a cafe down the road, and might be helping out with some youth choirs in the area. In between all that I'll be traveling to Pretoria, the nation's capital, and on the Garden Route with some friends, as well as chillin with my friends and just having a good time.


Its winter here so its cold and rainy, but today, it was sunny out and raining and there was an entire rainbow over Cape Town, my uncle and I were driving through the forest and saw the vally. It was the most beautiful thing. I could see the color purple!


So my 21st was yesterday and it was the most perfect day. We had cake and coffee at the cafe. Took mom to the airport, and then went to the Atlantic Ocean, Green point and saw a sunset. The had a nice little meal in the Hippy neighborhood of Observatory. Then all my friends came over and had champagne. My roomate decorated the house with rainbow streamers, and gave mea tiare, and a peace sign bling bling that I wore all night long. Valmy brought over sunflowers, and Shalah-Ann gave me a beautiful necklace. April made cupcakes and gave me a framed photo of us with our hair swirling in the wind. We went out and saw the Ruidmentals at a bar in Town, afro ska band. Coudln't have been more of a perfect night!


Today at the cafe, sunday night music dinners they sang happy hapy to me and , the section of table that I was waitressing at wrote all these quotes and advice now that I was 21, and gave me a group hug.


I love South Africa.


more to come...

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