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March 26, 2009 - Cape Town, South Africa

 Hello Journal,

This weekend was my Xhosa family homestay in Langa. I lived with my 2 sisters, Nandi and Babalwa, 25, and 21 our Mama and their aunt and cousins. It was a blast, we went to a fish braii (barbacue) and went to the mall, and shopping, saw a bit of Langa, visited their other family in Montana- a couloured community farther away from Langa. Made jewlry. I recieved a Xhosa name from my host mom. Nosipho- Gift of God. It was a great experience!

Check out new pictures.

This week was full of homework. This saturday is Earth Hour- turn off your electricity! SIt out side and remember that living on this earth is a special place to be.

Next friday we leave for Kruger National Park, Joburg and Soweto.




me and ma bike at the place
last vineyard, here we go!
juliann- my roomie, in genadendal


April 9, 2009
April 13, 2009
ohh Hi my name is Susy Derby, I used to live in Boston but then I moved to South Africa and had the time of my life... but I forgot to update my blog!
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