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Melbourne Aquarium & City Circle Tram
November 17, 2010
Hey Guys. So on Tuesday the 16th November my very good friend Fantastic AKA Jason arrived in Melbourne.On the Wednesday 17th we went to Melbourne Aquarium. It was AMAZING. My favourite display would have to be the Coral Atoll Tank. Which was a big round tank and just reminded me of snorkelling in coral bay. It was awesome. Full of ray's the ones...
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Los Angeles And San Diego Cross County Trip
June 27, 2009 - Los Angeles, California, United States
  California third largest state and first major destination for tourists in United States. With many regions of California have its own reputation but south region of California is more famous because south region is home of Disneyland, Hollywood, miles of beaches and world’s most popular destination Los Angeles and San Diego that are...
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