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April 15, 2011 - Okinawa, Japan
We had planned a trip to Okinawa for Ed's birthday months in advance (well before the earthquake) and despite having to work through the week that was meant to be a non-teaching week we were lucky enough to still be able to take off the days we needed to go ahead with the trip. We left late on a Saturday night after work and arrived in Naha at...
Placed by Gemma in my travels while teaching abroad

London - day one and two
April 18, 2011 - London, United Kingdom
London is awesome! We arrived at 7.30am and went on the train to Miriam's station. It was so exciting to see her again. She lives in the East end in a 3 bedroom flat in a big, brown block of flats. It's suprisingly quiet for being so many people's home. Miriam took us for a walk around her area and we went out for my (Rachel's) long anticapted...
Placed by Rachel in our 5 week adventure

Pasco, WA
September 11, 2010 - Pasco, Washington, United States
  From Mt. Rainier we went to Pasco, WA to visit the lovely Heather and Cisco, friends from Kauai. We had a day excursion out to the wine country of Walla Walla and got silly off of some fine samplings and we ambled along the sleepy streets of downtown. Waterbrook had the best tasting wine. On my Bday we climbed Badger mountain and enjoyed the...
Placed by Dan in Dan & Ketura's Roadtrip 2010