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Getting to Know Cusco
November 15, 2012 - Cusco, Peru
Slept until about 11am this morning! Wonderful, but I missed breakfast! So I headed down to Cusco's main plaza for a spot of breakfast. The plaza is really quite nice, with a large green fountain in the middle, the cathedral on one side, a large church on another side. I found a place on the second floor for a spot of breakfast S/. 18 soles for...
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Cusco here we come
November 14, 2012 - Cusco, Peru
Hi Everyone, Just to let you all know that I have made it okay! I arrived into Lima late last night, and after a good nights kip at the Ramada in Lima I took an early morning flight out to Cusco. Jon was there as expected to collect me, and I am now resting in the hotel. Will head out and explore Cusco a little later on, but for now I am going...
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