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Guilin and around
August 9, 2009 - Guilin, China
With a swift stop-off at Kunming we made plans for the journey to Guilin in Guangxi. Having arranged to meet a friend from school, Matt, on the 5th August, I arrived a day earlier than Nick and Swiss to give myself time to visit the village of Chengyang before embarking on the well-known journey down the Li River (see the HSBC adverts at home ;)...
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Yongzhou to Guilin to Huaihua to Fenghuang
May 18, 2009 - Fenghuang, China
Next on the itinerary is Fenghuang. We started the morning in Yongzhou, planning to catch a bus to Guilin at around 11AM. We had breakfast at a nearby café. Aidan and Ainsley both have banana pancakes (which are a local specialty) and banana porridge. Both were very good. Cam sticks to his breakfast sandwich. Aidan and Cam at the Guilin train...
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Goodbye Hong Kong, Hello China
May 13, 2009 - Hong Kong - Kowloon, China
Today, we return to China via Shenzhen. We had until about 3PM, so we packed up our bags, depositing them in the hostel lobby, while we did some last minute shopping. We also made a visit to the bird and flower markets. We found the lane that led to the bird market, following the chirping of the birds. We found hundreds of birds of all sort,...
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Photos Galore
September 5, 2008 - Yangshou, China
We are currently in Yangshou after taking a 2 hour flight from Xi'an to Guilin followed by a 1.5  hour nightmare minibus journey to our hotel.  The roads were so bumpy and the bus driver seemed to enjoy driving as fast as he could, which made our journey interesting!  We were bouncing around out of our seats, it was almost like being in a...
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