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Good Vibes - Celestial Synchronicity
March 19, 2013 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Have any of you ever used a tuning fork? What a simple and yet profoundly interesting little tool. You just "boing" that little thing on something hard and solid and you "feel" the intense vibrations of this little metal tool in your hand, but you only hear a barely audible "sound." But....but....just put the end of that vibrating fork on some...
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A Tribute to My Father...
June 16, 2012 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
I awoke this morning in a real bed, nice and cozy. And you know that urge...the need to give back to nature first thing...so I strolled into an official bathroom...a private bath, clean, cozy, all my own. Even though I've learned to be so so appreciative for the versatile "cup" in my truck...LOL...It's so so extra nice to have an official...
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Sacre Brew...Connections in a Small World
May 20, 2012 - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, United States
For an introduction to this series read: Sacre Brew, Introduction I'm in Ohio...somewhere...and I've met the most charming couple...forget their names so I'll call them Jan & Don.  As it so happens....at this Sacre Brew encounter, there is also Jim & Steve (but I forget their names)....from GA...my home state.  It was an encounter of...
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Sacre Brew...Andrew from Anonopolis, Wisconsin
May 1, 2012 - Cartersville, Georgia, United States
I "forgot" his name, so I'll call him Andrew...from the charming town of Anonopolis, WI. At a corner pub I've visited a number of times....local folks, regulars, small town, and very friendly. They know I'm not "from around here," yet a few have started to recognize me. This time I pulled up a stool next to a guy who looked to be 60+ish,...
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Sacre Brew...Introduction
April 22, 2012 - Staunton, Virginia, United States
"Sacre Brew"....as soon as it came to mind I knew this was it. This was the name I was looking for...for the series of human interest stories that I've been collecting from the road. I was looking for a name that would combine several elements...an element of serendipitous encounter...a surprise happening of depth, along with an earthy element...
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