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Curing OCBC (Over-Conservation of Brain Cells)
June 13, 2012 - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Living a balanced and meaningful life is hard....why?  Because it requires so much damn thinking! And thinking about our life can be a real hard thing...there's just so many things to think about, decisions that have to be made, and complex situations to grapple with. Thinking about all of this can be so hard that many people just don't want to...
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When Rape is Inevitable....
June 3, 2012 - Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, United States
"When rape is inevitable...just relax and enjoy it." Now that I have your attention...please notice the quotation marks! I didn't say this, someone else did! LOL I'm quoting my late Father in law...a 2 star General in the US Air Force...as well as an MD....a Flight Surgeon. It's important that you know this so you can appreciate the history...
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Quotable Quotes...from the road: The Heart's Color
April 14, 2012 - Max Meadows, Virginia, United States
Not only children can say the damnedest things...pretty much any of us can...and when the moment arrives it is such a nice moment of levity!  This first edition of quotable quotes from the road features a young woman being interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio), which is a mainstay of my entertainment on the road...such good stuff. This...
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Randy's Top Ten....#8
February 5, 2012 - Trenton, Ohio, United States
OK...it's time to check our Randy list for more awful outrageous mutterings...and we're  now down to #8 on his Top Ten Most Politically Incorrect Statements.  I must preface this entry, with a bit of disclaimer: {The following should not be construed as a representation of any of this blog author's points of view, opinions, or...
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#9 on Top Ten Randyisms
February 2, 2012 - Chatsworth, Georgia, United States
 OK....here's the next installment in... Randy's Top Ten Most Politically Incorrect Statements: While eating lunch today in Cartersville, GA and watching the news....the report about the 79 people killed and over 1,000 injured at a soccer match in Egypt provoked this particular Randyism.  Here's #9 on the countdown list: "Well....I guess it...
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