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The earthquake
March 17, 2011 - Urayasu, Japan
Just under a week ago, an earthquake hit Japan, changing the landscape, our safety and the way we look at the place we live and the world around us. I was at a small branch of my school in Urayasu, Chiba in an area called Hinode. Shin-Urayasu is a town which has been built on land reclaimed from the sea and this was its first test of strength...
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Hiroshima - a testament to the resilience of life
February 16, 2009 - Hiroshima, Japan
 My last day in Japan I stopped in Hiroshima. As in Nagasaki, the experience can only be experienced, not described. While Hiroshima was (numerically at least) even more tragic than Nagasaki and today the rememberance of that is embraced on an even grander scale (the museum, park, shrine, etc are all larger and moe dramatic)...what really stuck...
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Nara - a walk in the park
February 15, 2009 - Nara, Japan
 After a day of temple overdose I headed, bright and earlym to Nara, a city a tenth of the size and less than an hour from Kyoto.  Nara, too, is known for it's similar offerings of beauty, history and...TEMPLES!  After Kyoto, I thought taking in Nara would be a walk in the park.  As it turns out, my prediction was quite literal. I was...
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Kyoto - exhaustion by temples
February 14, 2009 - Kyoto, Japan
I wrote this in my journal on the way to Kyoto: On train, just saw a sunrise.  like I've never seen.  Creeping up over a distant mountain, past rice paddies & villages, more of a ghost than a mountain.  Sky of pastel charcoal, not brilliant but mystical.  Clear and crisp, clean lines made it appear less like a sun-les like a glowing object,...
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Beppu - Strippers and Spas
February 13, 2009 - Beppu, Japan
 If there were a port for sailors in Japan, Beppu would vie for title of most desirable.  In addition to being a fairly large and developed city (at least in terms of it's neon architecture), as I walked around I found that the only attraction in more abundance than Onsen was strip clubs.  I chose for the hot stuff: water not women. An Onsen...
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