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The Best Destinations in Southeast Asia
April 16, 2013 - Singapore, Singapore
Each time I return from traveling around Southeast Asia I get asked what my favorite place was. This is the most commonly asked question and I can never pick one particular place as there are so many great destinations. This is why I have compiled this list of my 5 favorite tourist islands in Southeast Asia.Koh Lanta, ThailandThe island of Koh...
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The Last Few Days
October 1, 2008 - Siem Reap, Cambodia
Sorry for the delay in updating...its been difficult to get time to get online as well as to find some decent internet access, particularly in Cambodia where we are just now. Wednesday September 24thWe were picked up at our Hoi An hotel by minibus in the morning and taken to Da Nang airport from where we flew to Ho Ch Minh City in around an...
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Good Morning Vietnam!
September 21, 2008 - Hue, Vietnam
Tuesday 16th Xin Chào from Vietnam - we got our connecting flight from Bangkok to Hanoi on Tuesday ok and arrived about 8:30pm. We picked up what we thought was a taxi at the airport, but got a little concerned when another local guy jumped into the front seat just as we were leaving the airport. We were both getting a little bit worried as we...
Placed by Richard & Cara in Cara & Richard's 2008 Adventure