The Long Way Home

January 25, 2011 - Jasper, Canada

Our big adventure was coming to an end but we had been looking forward to this last leg of the tour the whole time!  We were about to do the "Romance by Rail" tour from Vancouver to Toronto (with no major stops except for a few hours in Jasper) and we were going to travel in luxury!!  Our cabin was a twice the size of a regular cabin.  In fact it was 2 cabins with the dividing wall removed and a large double bed in the centre.  Erik and I both had our own wash basin area and toilet room.

When we first saw the room, it was set up like a sitting room with a table and a couple of chairs and flowers and a card on the table.  There was anoooother bottle of champagne chilling off to the side!  Once you first get to your room however, there is no time to hang out (unless you want to), because they always have drinks and hors d'ouevres in the Park Car at the end of the train for a few hours where you can get to know the people you will be travelling and eating with for a few days.  We met 2 American couples and a Canadian couple from BC.  There were a few younger people on the train, and the family of the chef was travelling with us also.

Our steward was named Arthur and he brought us breakfast in bed every morning that he was there. (The crew of the Canadian always changes at Winnipeg.) And so did Cal who was our steward after Winnipeg.  And...they kept wanting to fill our bucket with champagne.  That is the first time I have ever been tired of champagne!  We drank it in the evening and in our orange juice for morning glories at breakfast. 

With such a luxurious room, we didn't get out to the Park Car and socialize as much, especially at the beginning.  It was nice just to relax and read and let the rocking lull you to sleep.  I finished my second book of the trip and Erik finished his 30th???...

We did get out a few times to play a game of Gloom, and to hang out in the dome.  I got some photos of the freight trains that went whizzing by us in the opposite direction. At that time, I was talking with an enthusiastic older woman who was sitting up at the front of the dome car with me.  She was anxious to know where we were at all times.  I tried to find out since I had a book that showed the track markers that the operators use to indicate distances from towns, but it was a bit confusing.  It didn't matter all that much to me except when we got near to Washago (the closest point that the train goes to Orillia).  I know Washago a bit, having worked in the area for 4 years in the 90's and I recognized the bridge where kids used to jump off into the Black River and other I was happy to be able to get some photos of it from the train.  In general, it was nice to be able to see some parts of Ontario that we were not able to see on the way out since it was much later in the day and dark when we had left Toronto . 

Toronto...yes!  We ended by winding up the trip as we had begun it, with a big family group having dinner together.  Even more people came this time.  It was great to see everyone - it seems like we were extending our fantastic wedding once again.  And actually......the honeymoon is not over yet - we still need to take the train through the eastern part of the country!!!  Will do...but in a few more years.

Thanks for reading and viewing!!!

Erik and Rosemary



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April 30, 2011
'Bout time you two got a honeymoon! What a wonderful trip...and such a great opportunity to relax and literally get away from it all. Good for you!! Don't wait too long to do the eastern lap. ;0} Hugs all around!
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