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January 23, 2011 - Vancouver, Canada

We arrived in Tsawwassen in South Delta, BC and took a packed bus to .......an arena!!?? I have only ever watched 2 or 3 live hockey games in my life, but this WAS a Canadian tour, wasn't it?  The real reason was because Uncle Brian AKA Uncle Funny was going to meet us here.  This was where my cousin Pauline's son, Aaron, was playing a game with his team, the Grizzlies.  Brian often goes to his games and he needed to be there that day especially because the coach had asked him to come and motivate the players.  If you don't know Brian, he can be very LOUD!! It sometimes come in handy, eh Brian?! I yelled a bit too, taking my cue from Brian as I don't really know the rules. Erik and I had fun being pretending to be hockey fans and not tourists!  and the Grizzlies won!  Maybe it was because of the hooligans from Ontario on the Grizzlie side. It felt great to again see some family members on the trip.

Brian showed us how to get to our hostel on the sky train.  We stayed at the Vancouver Downtowner hostel on Burnaby (there are 2 other HI hostels in the city).  In my opinion, it was the best HI hostel we had stayed in on the trip so far.  We had a nice large private room with a comfortable bed and sink inside the room.  The kitchen was large and well-organized and the front-desk staff were very helpful.  There was also a free breakfast with a wide variety of items to choose from, not usual for a budge hostel - very handy when you are tired of going out just to eat breakfast.

The next morning we took the sky train to Commercial Drive (theDrive") and Fraser, a really neat area with a lot of ethnic shops and restaurants.  We walked to Brian's place a few blocks away and down the hill.  Most of the buildings were quaint apartment buildings with only a few stories which reminded me of photos I've seen of California cities, all pastel and white with lots of shrubs and small trees.

Finally, the attraction we had been waiting to see for months since we heard about it, and heard about it, and heard about it .........Brian's re-modeled bathroom!!!!!!!! It was awesome, and I even got to use it!  Love yah, Brian! Everyone, check out the bathroom photos on this site!

Brian showed us his place..very nice and cozy and comfortable.  Then he took us to a very cool Cuban restaurant on the Drive, called Havana, with graffiti scratched into all the red-painted walls.  Many other funky decorations of mirrors and photos were hung eclecticly on the walls, with fans in the ceiling and wrought iron railings outside.  The Latin-inspired food was yummy, especially with sangria!

We walked up the street with restaurants from every corner on earth, and not a "chain" in site! Yeah! We went into a Latin- American gifts store and I was in heaven!  Most of the things were from Mexico and the shop was run by a woman from Ecuador.

After making our way to Granville Island, on Brian's suggestion, the three of us took in a play called "Floating". It was a hilarious multi-media show put on by 2 people from Wales and written by one of the actors, named Hugh Hughes.  Look him up!  I did and found out the play went to Toronto and Meg and Jeritt got to see it there. At a Japanese restuarant later that night, I wasn't as impressed by the food as I was by the charcoal in the washbasin in the bathroom!  I think Erik and Brian liked the food.

All set for our second-last journey, the longest one - on the train from Vancouver to Toronto, we went to Brian's first to hang out.  I slept and Erik went and bought - what else? - more books!!! Then Brian whipped up some fantastic carrot juice concoction he always makes! Then....we heard someone calling from the front of the apartment which faces the street.  It was Aaron...and he had scaled the outside of the building to Brian's second floor balcony!  No wonder Brian, you feel like a rat in a never-ending maze when you try to get to the front door of his apartment from the entrance to the building.  Erik and I honestly got lost the first time in the many halls and stairways and door and twiste and turns, hitting a dead end more than once!






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Uncle Brian:
March 24, 2011
Loved the story especially when my name came up. I love to have visitors; especially when they are people I like and in this case love. The only correction I would add Roses is that the name of the street with all the ethnic restaurants is "Commercial Drive" or if you are a local it is simply called "The Drive". I am going to look at the pictures now in case I am in one or two. Hurry Back U-2!! Love, Uncle B
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