Day 32 - Home!

February 6, 2014 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Back home!  Plane was delayed a bit, but overall a good flight back. Brrr--it's cold here! Thanks to those of you who followed along on our blog.

We will be adding pictures next week.

We made a few videos but can't get them to load on fuzzytravel.

They are on dropbox and can be accessed with these links.


A few comments on our adventure.  Bus travel is a good way to travel in Mexico.  We used 10 intercity buses (some days we used 2 buses to get where we wanted to go) and traveled about 600 miles.  We spent less than $200 total for both of us and the buses were very frequent and very comfortable.    We used over 20 local buses that cost less than $1 per ride.  Sometimes some of these were a rough ride as they traveled on cobblestone streets and over speed bumps.  There are many English speaking people in Puerto Vallarta but as we travelled through Mascota, Guadalajara, Chapala, and Tapalpa we didn't meet many English speakers (maybe one per day).  When we got to Colima and Melaque we met a lot of Canadians (most of them from Victoria, British Columbia).  I don't know why as it isn't even cold there.

Our hotels averaged less than $35 per night and we found some very nice clean rooms. We usually ate coffee, fruit and rolls for breakfast outside of our hotel room and looked for the restaurants popular with the Mexicans for the other meals.  We walked away from a couple of restaurants because there was too much English spoken. I could live on street tacos and beer but Margie is always watching her diet. Usually I am anxious to get back home but this was definetely not the case.


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