Day 31 - Puerto Vallarta

February 5, 2014 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Today was a very low-key day, winding down for our trip home tomorrow. Lots of reading, WiFi use, and x-word puzzles. Looked for whales this morning, but didn't see any. Maybe we just missed them. Spent time on the balcony, at the pool, and the hotel lobby balcony.

Walked to Boca for dinner. We were in the mood for shrimp, but neither of the restaurants at the top of the hill had shrimp. We walked down the hill to the town. So many dogs tonight. Ran into a group of three little kids who wanted to practice their English, which they must have been learning in school. They said "Hello", and we asked them in Spanish if they could speak English. We asked their names, and they were all smiles. So cute.

Had a very good shrimp dinner at Restaurant Pacifico, on the other side of the bridge over the river. Saw a tree with five chickens sitting in it. I never knew chickens sat in trees. Stopped to get breakfast supplies. A little boy said "Hello, good morning", which was really cute because it was 6:30 in the evening. I have the same problem with my Spanish.

We have to say adios to Mexico tomorrow. It's been fun.


Dinner in Boca
Chickens in Boca

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February 6, 2014
Safe travels!
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