Egypt diary

April 20, 2009 - Luxor, Egypt

 Nick and Tania’s Egypt trip - 20th to 27th April 2009

Monday 20th April

Fly Manchester to Luxor. Board boat: MS Magic II

 Tuesday 21st April

Up very early (5.30am ish for 6.30am start). Crossed to other side of Nile on motor boat.

 ·      Valley of the Kings (VoK) visited 3x pharaohs tombs: Ramses II, Ramses IV and Ramses VI

·      Valley of the Queens (VoQ). Visited temple of Queen Hatshepsut

·      Colossi of Memnon

·      Alabaster factory (bought black cat)

 Back across Nile on motor boat.

·      Luxor Temple. Group photo.

·      Karnak Temple

 Sailed early afternoon. Went through Esna lock at about 2am – missed it!

 Wednesday 22nd April

·      Temple of Edfu.

·      Sailing. Ships captain gave a tour of the boat including kitchens, engine room and bridge.

·      Temple of Kom Ombo at night. Very hot and dry and smelt sickly of sugar cane which was constantly being transported by trains on the other side of the river.

·      Sailing overnight

 Thursday 23rd April


·      Motor boat to island with Temple of Philae on it.

·      Low dam and High dam (which created lake Nasser).

·      Flower essence shop.

·      Aswan botanic gardens.

·      Afternoon at leisure.

 Friday 24th April

Still in Aswan. Those who wanted to flew to Abu Simbel at 2am- Nick and I opted out!)

Aswan city tour (Nick didn’t go as was feeling unwell, I came back early and missed market visit as not feeling well either).

·      Mosque

·      Papyrus factory

·      Panoramic view of Nile Cataracts

·      Flew to Cairo. Moevenpick Resort Cairo-Pyramids

 Saturday 25th April

·      Memphis – outdoor museum

·      Saqqara stepped pyramids

·      Carpet school

·      Group lunch

 Sunday 26th April

·      Cairo museum

·      Pyramids

·      Solar boat

 Monday 27th April

Cairo to Manchester via Luxor. Had a cabin on MS Magic II for the day.



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