Happy new year Hopetoun (30 Dec 09 - 3 jan 10)

January 3, 2010 - Hopetoun, Australia

New years 2009/2010 spent camping in Hopetoun in Southern WA. What a brilliant spot! We could hear the ocean from our tent city and it was a brief dawdle to the ocean.

Karen, John and I met up with Simone and Dave, along with our new friends and aquaintances Claire, Pete, Aaron and Mel :).

We managed to get a bit of down time in amongst all the adventuring to be done around Hopetoun. We visited so many beaches, climbed on rocks and even found a mountain! East mount barren at a whopping 311m above sea level is classified as a mountain :). What a highlight for me to climb a mountain in the morning and visit a beach straight afterwards. The region's flora was really fascinating because in the past when the sea level was higher, the local flora on the barrens survived resulting in some odd endemic hakeas.

We had a pretty lush new years eve where we climbed east mount barren, followed by a long session of beach cricket and sunset on the beach. We were lucky to have some super delicious champagne down on the beach for midnight :).

Other fun highlights during our time in hopetoun were starvation bay harbour (with a pontoon and cool rock pools), a walk through very scratchy plants to no tree hill where our legs were cut to shreds, a lagoon filled with dead fish and a wedge tail eagle, an inlet where we climbed over trees to get to the mouth where we buried claire, the best rock-skimming beach, the caravan car wash and the local pub :).

I can only hope 2010 is as fun as 2009!



new years eve beach cricket
cheers to 2010
watching the sun set on 2009
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