Buenos Aires

December 4, 2010 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well we suck...  It has taken us over a month to write our last South America blog!!!  Sorry about that.

After La Paloma, Uruguay we traveled overnight via Motevideo back to Buenos Aires.  As we had been here a few times before and only had a few nights left before our flight out so we ended up at the same hotel we have stayed at each time before.  It is not the most socialable place but is close to everything and cheap...  

The next couple of days did not entail much besides up eating up a storm on Parillas (of course) and watching TV to bid the time to finish the South America part of our trip.  We had seen most of the sights here and were quiet tired of moving around so decided to basicly sit and watch tv...  Boring I know but was great to stop and we loved the last fill up on the meat!  The only tourist icon we did miss was the cemertary which is surpose to be fantastic - it is one of those cemertaries that are shown in films all the time and this one happened to have the grave of Evita which would have been great to see but seriously we were just too lazy.

Our flight out on the last day was really early so we decided to go the day before at night and sleep at the airport.  Seeing as we had to be there around 3-4am anyway it made more sense to get a decend sleep which we did.  Seeing as we still have our matrices from camping and pillows Tanya had stolen from another flight, we locked up our bags around a poll and went to sleep!

The flight was to Lima where we stayed for a night to pick up a bag we left at a hostel there for 3 months...  Then another flight to Miami.

So that was the whole South America holiday done!  We loved every minute of it - We did heaps of research before we left UK but still had no idea how many great things there were to see.

The next part of the blogs will be us in USA and the onto Mexico (and then home!!! YEH)




January 14, 2010
Hey guys glad to know that you are safe and sound I did wonder! Good luck for teh next leg!
January 14, 2010
Me alegro que tuvierais un buen viaje y que disfrutarais de Sudamerica! que envidia me dabais!
Si vienes a Londres me llamas
Un beso
January 16, 2010
Hey guys.Happy 2010.You make me feel like a hermit,he,he. Back from Cyprus,missed scotland but not the weather.loads of snow this winter in aberdeen and the site is full.Cheers and takecare Victor.
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