Iguazu Falls, Brazil side

June 28, 2009 - Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

 June 28, 2009

After another long overnight bus ride we arrived into Foz de Iguazu at 6am. We made our way to the hostel (Hostel Bamba), left our bags and made our way out to get some breakfast. Being a sunday it was dead in town - the only place we found open was McDonalds and that was not overly appealing... We finally found a market in town where there was all types of food being cooked. We ended up pointing at all sorts of things to try and all were very yummy. At one stall we attempted to ask for frango (chicken) and after a bit of discussion the lady looked straight at Murray and said "do you want chicken?" - So much for us learning 'their' language - the ladies thought it was hilarios.

P1020181We than made our way over to the falls. Niagra has nothing on these falls - we were really impresed. We spent around 2hrs going through different walks - seriously georgious. After the falls we went to the biggest bird park in South America (Apparently) - it was incredable getting so close to Toocans, huge parrots, vultures and even an emu-like bird called an ema. The colours on all the birds were quite amazing. We have since been told by other travellers that we will see all those birds in the Pantanal (next place we are off to) so we could have saved the money. Either way, we loved it.


That night, we got some proper rest in a real bed, after spending the last 2 nights on bus's.  Not sure if we mentioned it before but the buses here are soooo much better the Australian or UK ones.  The are much bigger seats with reclining options (seriously like a reclining chair so very easy to sleep in) even on the cheapest long distance busses.  We have not gone on the most expensive sort yet as they go into a 90 degree bed and you are served champaine before going to sleep...  We will definatly do one of thoes before we leave South America.


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