Trujillo & Huanchaco

September 6, 2009 - Trujillo, Peru

P1040895After an overnight bus ride from Lima we arrived into Trujillo on the 6th September 2009. We were finally glad to Lima was behind us. We took a 30 min taxi to Huanchaco with some other travellers we met on the bus (who were familiar with the area).  It is well known to be a great surf beach and seeing as we have been dying for a beach we thought it would be a good start for the Peru north coast.  Unfortunatly when we got there, the humidity was extreme and there was quiet a bit of fog/haze in the air - so was not the classic beach we were looking for.  We found a hostel and wrongly hoped the weather might improve in the afternoon.  P1040890It did get a little better but certainly not the type of weather you would want to sit on a beach with. Ultimatly this was a wasted location for us (unless you surfed). The town itself had cheap accommodation with good breakfasts, and is founded on fishing originally. The fishermen used read Kayak boats to paddle out past the breakers, catch there fish, and then surf the waves back to shore (pretty cool).  There are a lot of surf shops and every traveller you run into has the whole surf lingo down pat.

After the night we decided to get back on an overnight bus to Mancora (far northern Peru) which we had heard was much hotter, clearer skys (and more likly to be less humis) ............... much more of what we were looking for.


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