Walking on the wild side

May 10, 2010

When I announced I was going to trek the Tarkine coast in Tasmania, many people didn't know where I was going. The Tarkine isn't marked on your road atlas or one of those free tourist maps of Tassie, but that’s part of its mystique.

The Tarkine region is generally said to be bounded by the Pieman River in the south and the Arthur River in the north. It embraces the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area and Savage River National Park, and extends to cover a total area of 447,000 hectares.

I spent five days on Tarkine Trails' Wild Tarkine Coast trek, leaving Hobart on 19 January 2010. The experience was one of those life-changing encounters with Mother Nature, which is summed up in many of the photos you'll find on this blog.

I caught the Tarkine bug, and returned at the end of April to do a second trek with Tarkine Trails, this time through the cool temperate rainforest.

The photos tell most of the story; if I find some time, I'll add some more words later. Apologies for the background sound in some of the videos and the rather raw footage.


Pieman River
On Arcadia II
Pieman River
Pieman River
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