Hawaii - O'ahu

November 14, 2009 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Alright I cannae persuade Jacs tae come and write an entry so ye's are stuck wi me again. Sorry aboot that. So it took us a few days tae get intae the swing o things in O'ahu. Think it might have been delayed reaction from the camping and much moving about, also it was a bit cloudy and humid for the the first couple of days so that knocked us off a bit. Lets call it acclimatising. Anyway it did finally kick in and, I have to say...O'ahu is...no bad. No bad ataw (For background, there are 7 Hawaiin islands and Oah'u is one of the main ones - we are also going to Maui and the big island - which is called Hawaii - over these three weeks). So we have a cracking wee apartment here wi a kitchen and balcony wi a decent view across a canal and golf course up intae the mountains. Should be a couple o photos of that. We're slap bang in the middle o Waikiki - which is tae Honolulu what Leith is tae Edinburgh. Only of course wi sunshine, palm trees, beautiful beaches, beautiful people and better shops. Like for example theres no a Borlands Darts and Television shop in Waikiki thats for sure. Well no that I seen anyway. Actually it's nothing like Leith at all in fact. Scratch that. So we spent Monday and Tuesday just getting our bearings and getting some food in and looking roond some shops (Jacs needed a bikini) and things. Generally taking it easy in the rather oppressive heat (it's no the heat....it's the humidity). Anyway day three we went for a drive right around the island which is probably about 100 miles all the way around. We couldny actually see much on the West side because the clouds were covering the mountains (I'm sure it's lovely) but when we got tae the North Shore we hit some beaches that were just a surfers dream. Stod...ye had tae see this tae believe it. Dinny ken much aboot surfing but if there are better beaches in the world for surfing I'd be very surprised. We pitched up in this wee town called Wailea where the following day they were having some surfing championship and ye could see why they were having it there. There's a wee video if yer interested. Just miles and miles of frothy white waves lapping in that made ye want tae cut doon a tree, chop it into a 6 foot long block, chisel that doon tae a flat board about 2 inches thick, sand that doon tae a smooth oval shape, paint a shark on it and swim oot intae the water and slide doon them. Probably. Thursday we got up early and went and climbed up Diamond Head which is a big volcano crater to the east o Waikiki. Actually, jokes aside, it is a little like Arthur's seat...no...Salisbury Crags in terms o shape and height. Climb wisny too bad, couple o sets of stairs that were a bit mean, and the view fae the top was the brawness. Few photos o that and a wee video. Afterwards we went out to Pearl Harbour where, legend has it, it was a bit cauld one day and so the American's declared war on Japan. Dinny understand it masel but then I'm no a war strategist. Naw really ye's aw ken the story. Anyway we went out tae the USS Arizona memorial which was a bit sombre and eerie. The USS Arizona blew up in the harbour when it's armoury was hit and it sank in 7 minutes taking 1'177 sailors wi it. The thing aboot the Arizona is...it's still there in the water! The rest of the boats they lifted oot and mostly managed to repair but they left the Arizona where it was. Where it is. It is a tomb. The memorial, a big white box, sits over it and they take ye oot tae it in a boat and ye are just looking intae the water at the wreckage. Weird. There is still oil spilling oot o it after all these years and there are slicks on the surface. Again, see the photos and the wee video. Tae say it puts ye on a bit o a downer is an understatement. Anyway we shook this off quickly enough and on Friday just hit the beach and did a bit o sunbathing and swimming. Waikiki beach is amazing. Crystal blue waters, gentle slope into the warm ocean, people surfing and snorkelling and lazing around on lilos, couples canoodling, kids playing, oldies waggling their arthritic bones. If you were Jaws, ye could have real fun raining on this parade baby. Thankfully though the most dangerous thing in these waters is maybe a wee stone ye might stand on ooyah! At night we went for a meal and had a couple of Mai-tai cocktails (which were loaded) while listening to the Sunset Singers playing hawaii ukelele tunes and yodelling (I reckon the Hawaiin's are descended fae the Swiss) and watching Miss Hawaii hula-hula aboot the stage. Very wriggly. Oahu has it's problems likesay. For a start there is a huge military presence and ye see planes and helicopters kicking aboot a fair bit and big signs saying 'Stay ooto here!' and 'Dinny come in here or we'll shoot ye!' (or similar). Also ye dinny have tae go that far out of the city tae find desperately skint people - sleeping in tent villages on the beach on the Leeward (Western) shore for example. I also saw quite a few signs outside houses calling for a return to independence (Hawaii only joined the US in 1959) and reinstatment of the monarchy and appealing for an end to beach-front development. Having said all this, there is a pretty chilled vibe in Waikiki and many of the surfing places we went to along the North Shore and the scenery and weather are incredible. Still - it's no Leith. Hah. Check oot the photaes and videos if ye's can be bothered and apologies for the cheesy commentaries on the vids. I never ken what tae say. Next stop - Maui. Aloha.


Sunset Song
Rainbow's End


November 14, 2009
You mentioned videos McP? Ah'm, lookin but ah'm no seein. Sort it oot!

Coincidentally, The Embra Evenin' news hud a report yistirday statin' that the hugely successful retail model that is Borlands - Darts and Televisions is to be internationally franchised! First port of call? You guessed right: Waikiki!. The theory bein' that they Hawaiians have got nothing better to do, and with their affinity wi Leith it's the obvious choice when ye hink aboot it.
November 17, 2009
Sounds like yer having a cracking time, though probaly sweating a bit more than normal.
Suprised no to hear how you got on surfing yourself? Aw that way and ye never tried in the Jerusalem of wave riding? Thats like coming to Scotland and no drinking Pineappleade. Madness.
PS. Yer flat was demolished last week by a rhino that escaped fi the zoo. It wis in the paper. Page 7.
PPS. Burley got the boot.
June 14, 2010
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