I can be bothered

November 14, 2009 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Howday peeps i noticed from the journalist paul, rumours are being said about me. well to be fair, i was loaded with booze and meat, and the thought of lifting my weary arse off the balcony, breaking my visual contact with paradise seemed abit of a stretch. so i apologise for ignoring this, ....... what would you call it? pauls rant parade??? anyway, having a super time and even though i think i have lost my body weight in sweat & salt its worth it. and the best bit, is watching peoples face when you tell them you are from the other paradise island, scotland. ahh, the jealousy. not everyone has the ability, time or money to be able to travel to such exotic places. especially in winter with all that mystical drizzle. i can just feel it now, gently carressing my blue, almost numb cheek. sorry drifted off there. right back to reality. packed and almost organised to go to Maui. we are there for a week and our apartment is right onto the beach so will bore you with lots of photos. stay cheerie and will write again soon. love to all Jacs xxxx

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