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November 25, 2009 - Hilo, Hawaii, United States

 So wi just a few days left of the US leg of our trip I thought I'd put together a few random musings (as Elliot would say) on things I've noticed this time roond in the good old US of A.

Scran - Actually cooked a lot of our own food while camping and staying in condos and the like so couldny really comment as have only really eaten out while staying in hotels in San Francisco and Hawaii (and I'll dae Hawaii seperately) except to say this - where are all the curry hooses? They just dinny eat curry owr here by the looks o things. Which is madness. Ye can get any other type of food ye can think of - but a decent ruby? Forget it. They arny listed in guide books, ye dinny see them aboot the place, naebody ever mentions them tae ye? What gives, Uncle Sam? Where's the Bhuna? Is it too spicy or are there just nae enough Indians here or whats the hampden? Strange one. Gap in the market maybe? Also they could dae wi a few more McDonald's aboot the place eh? Everywhere ye go has at least one McDonald's restaurant. Even in pissy wee towns. Ye usually find them near schools or colleges. Cynical. Another fast food chain that seems tae be daen fairly well is this one called 'Jack In The Box'. Nae idea what they sell but there seem tae be a lot of them. Don't think we've got them yet in the UK. They have an advert on the telly that has something tae dae wi' bowlcuts. Which brings me onto my next topic....

Telly - Caught a few brand new Family Guys and South Parks and they were fantastic. Keep yer eyes oot for them folks. Family Guy just seems tae be getting more and more twisted. Quality. However, didny think much of Seth Macfarlane's other two projects - the Cleveland spin-off (gash) and another programme called Seth and Alex Almost Live which is Seth Macfarlane and Alex Borstein (the voice of Lois) compereing this kind of Family Guy themed cabaret show (doing the voices, singing the songs) with a live orchestra and audience etc. It just disny work. In fact quite cringeworthy. Other than that didny discover any new and amazing programmes but didny really watch a lot of telly I suppose. The two big News stories we've seen over here were the Fort Hood massacre and Obama's Healthcare bill.

Bevvy - Some nice beers but most notably in Hawaii which I'll cover under another entry. But mainland beers that took the fancy were Brooklyn Lager and San Francisco Anchor Steam (another lager). Believe it or not, havny actually done much beer drinking. No in pubs anyway but have had a couple of carry outs while camping etc and just tended tae go for Corona or something as Jacs is a fan.

People - Americans are generally a nice bunch of folk. Most are pretty polite, good humoured and easy to talk to. A fella in New York even gave me a free bottle of beer when I was hanging around ootside our hostel one night. There are arseholes aboot the place obviously but there are arseholes everywhere aren't there. Thankfully (touch wood) we've no really had any run-ins wi anybody. Do have a bit of difficulty picking oot the Scottish accent though. We've been asked if we are English (expected that), Australian (weird one) and, wait for it, Swedish? 'Dae we fecking look Swedish!' is what I felt like saying.

Politics - They like their flag do the Yanks. There are Stars and Stripes fluttering everywhere. Just about all the mobile homes (RVs) that we shared camp grounds with had US flags hanging fae them likes. Fair enough. Didny really get talking politics with many folks like but the two fellas I did speak to were both ex-military (Tom from New Jersey in a New York bar - Desert Storm Veteran - had family in Crossmaglen which nearly knocked Gav aff his stool; and Don - Vietnam veteran owner of a campsite we stayed in in California) and obviously republican, militaristic and right-leaning politically. Both expressed a deep distaste for President Obama's Healthcare Reforms suggesting they were too socialist for the USA. Me telling Don that both Jacs and I worked for the NHS just after he had ranted about it didny go down well as ye can imagine. Och well. He still chopped my firewood for me so. As for enviromental awareness - the dearest petrol ye can get in the US is in California because o the tax they slap on it (fuel tax is a state issue) tae encourage people intae smaller cars, and this disny seem tae be making a blind bit of difference if ye ask me. Some of the biggest cars I've ever seen were in California. Hummers with massive wheels that ye could walk underneath withoot banging yer heid and the like. Nah that's no working. The Yanks love their cars likes and the bigger the better.

Onyway I'd better hit the scratcher the noo. Cannae think o anything else at the minute. I wid just like to say though that it is real easy to be in the USA and there is a general positivity here that is good for the soul. I'll be sorry tae leave the place.

OK so on that note - Good Night all and...everybody now singalong...

"Oh say can you see by the dawns early...etc"



November 25, 2009
Tivo is huge in the states and I can understand it - there are about 40 ad breaks in any one show. I think the ratio is 4 minutes of show = 2 minutes of adverts. It's impossible to watch TV, except if you've got Tivo where you can skip the breaks.
November 25, 2009
Am loving your musings and comments Paul. In one small way I will be gutted when you come back, no more blogs!

I am v glad you told the right-winger that your both worked for the NHS after his rant!!

November 25, 2009
Hi guys, I had a wee giggle at the bit you were talking about the accent - are you swedish - haha! I am still playing catch up with your blogs, thought probably best start with the most updated and work my way back. On maternity leave now so I will be enjoying reading your adventures. Love to you both. sabxx
Jacs McPherson:
November 26, 2009
this guy has way too much time on his hands. See what happens after a few units of alcohol; the man starts thinking and we all know how dangerous that can be
November 29, 2009
Enjoying the musings ...
McPunjabi's of Hawaii has a certain ring, maybe you could work on a business plan?
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