March 14, 2010 - Yangshuo, China

 Had my first bout of food poisoning.  Not nice let me tell you.  6 hrs of pain and discomfort.  Will spare you the details but I think I will be off pork dumplings for a while. 

Going for pizza tonight for a wee change.

Much love

the poorly one xx


Fields oor train windae
Night View o Guilin fae oor Hotel Windae
View o Guilin fae oor Hotel Windae
Sun and Moon Pagodas


March 14, 2010
Hope you are better.

March 14, 2010
Pair scone........take it easy and hope you're feeling better soon xxx
March 15, 2010
Take it you're fine now and are going to order some shell fish based dish for your next meal ?
March 18, 2010
Hey hope your feeling better - Nothing worse than a bout of food poisening when away - I remember being bed bound for a couple of days and then throwing up in a bus station in thailand, and basically every country in south east asia we decended upon! Nice !! take care xx
Jenni Mcp:
March 18, 2010
hey bro, hope your feeling better and stop shouting for huey lol maybe the pork was more cat than pork, pizza was a good idea me thinks lol hope your having a blast and speak to you soon x x x
Sacha & Gordon:
April 4, 2010
Hi guys, Seems ages since you were here with us in Port Elliot. Hard to believe that you are still traveling. We have Alex and Kev staying here for Easter which is lovely. Hope that you are enjoying the Easter bunnies wherever you are.
April 5, 2010
Hey you two... hope you are better now..loving the blogs and looking forward to catching up with you soon Take Carexxxxx

Photos are fantastic..
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