"Two tickets round the world please..."

January 10, 2010 - London, United Kingdom


So, after a bit of nail bitting, a few nervous looks, and what felt like a whole day at the travel agency......we did it!

We're flying to Russia on the 1st of May! From there we take the Trans-Siberian to Mongolia, and go off into the Gobi desert to stay with local nomads for a bit. Next we take the Trans-Mongolian to China and travel down through the country, joining the Mekong Delta and continuing into Laos and Cambodia, before traveling back up through Vietnam and China by train to Hong Kong. After that, we fly to Australia, where we spend a bit of time in Sydney before traveling to Adelaide to stay with family, and then the next stop is South Africa. From that point on we've left things unplanned, but we're both going to look for work and hopefully use it as a jumping off point to the rest of southern Africa!

Our return flights are set for one year later! :-/




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February 4, 2010
February 6, 2010
Hey this is cool! You still have to send at least one post card thou! Cant get out of it that easily! xxx
Alex Yeo:
March 9, 2010
7 weeks, 3 days to go!!!
March 19, 2010
I have added your site as one of my favorites! I need to keep track of you guys! Very excited for you both x
April 1, 2010
Eeeek! 29 days to go!
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