Moscow, Russia

May 3, 2010 - Moscow, Russia

Alex and I are sitting in our hostel in Russia, drinking vodka - you're not suppose to mix it, but I'm having it with bitter lemon.. its really good! (and very strong!)

Our 'hostel' is actually a flat in an apartment block. From outside it looks a bit like council flats, and when you come up the stairs its all concrete walls and steps and it looks a bit 'dodge', but then you get into your apartment and its lovely - big rooms with big windows and wooden floors. We're sharing our apartment with one Russian couple and one Spanish couple. We all have our own private double (quite big) room and share a lounge with free internet, a bathroom with a Jacuzzi style bath and a kitchen.

Yeo and I went shopping for food yesterday. It was fun going to a Russian supermarket and picking out some bits and pieces for breakfast & dinner. We've been making breakfast and dinner at 'home' and only been eating lunch out.

So, we landed in Moscow on the 1st May. We were so tired (didn't sleep well the previous night - too excited/nervous) and then we had to wait an hour for the express train from the airport.. the train took 45 min.. it get's you into central Moscow.. from there we got lost for a while looking for the right metro line to take to the nearest metro station to our hostel.. we eventually got to our hostel.. exhausted.. took a long bath and went to bed..

Yesterday was fun. It was bright and sunny, and about 20 degrees Celsius (which is a shock, for Russia!?!?). We walked to Red Square (20 min walk from where we're staying) which is very impressive. The Kremlin is HUGE, and St. Basil's Cathedral is beautiful!

Today we went to the 'Cathedral of Christ the Savior' - its the white church with the golden domes (a Russian orthodox church) which I thought was stunning, but Alex wasn't so impressed with. Inside was interesting too, everyone kisses the pictures of Mary and Jesus and lights a little red candle. Its quite pretty on the inside (lots of gold and pictures of saints and Jesus), the only thing we thought was a little odd were the 2 massive red neon signs hanging in the cathedral (!?). It didn't quite go with everything else.

We also watched the start of a marathon, along the riverside.. there was a brass band playing the national anthem before the run.. it was fun to watch. I couldn’t stop staring at this one buff guy (with the nicest arms you’ve ever seen!!) warming up before the race.. doing ballet jumps.. it was very funny and mesmerizing.. LOL! There were a lot of hot woman for Alex to stare at too.. It has to be said: the Russians have very good bodies!

So far, I like Moscow... but I'm not crazy for it. Red Square is impressive, the churches are stunning (esp. from the outside), and its cool that all the signs and menu's etc. are in Russian (it feels like you're somewhere different), but other than that - its only ok in my opinion. The food is awful! Typical Russian food consists of Bliny (pancakes) - there is a chain called 'Teremok' - which is a fast food chain that sells a huge variety of different pancakes.. this is very popular in Russia.. I had one filled with pork and some kind of pink sauce and Alex had one filled with ham and cream cheese.. we had a few bites each and then left them - they were BAD! We're yet to try another Russian favourite - its called 'Pelmeni' and its basically little dumplings filled with either meat or potato..

There are a lot of Chinese and Italian restaurant everywhere - there's quite a big Chinese community in Moscow. As for the Italian restaurants.. I think they're just popular because pizza tastes SO much better than Russian pancakes?!! LOL..

Another thing we noticed: The girls here (apart from having REALLY good figures) dress very badly! they look like they're going clubbing even when its 10am .. they all wear VERY high heels and VERY short, tight skirts or dresses and put on way too much make-up.. they also love their leopard print jackets or red plastic-looking jackets and the boots - oh the boots.. they're awful.. also plastic and shiny! The men dress bad too.. the shoes are WAY to shiny.. the jeans are WAY too tight.. and (wait for it...) mullets are still in fashion!! NOTE: Guys.. mullets are NEVER.. EVER a good look.. OK???!

Tomorrow we’re going to have a look around the ‘posh’ underground stations (which have chandeliers!) and then going food shopping for the Trans Siberian :-) We board the train at 9:30 pm..

Jinnie & Alex


Jinnie writing up her journal
Erm... Jinnie Jumping (!?)
Alex in Red Square
Statue outside St Basils Cathedral in Red Square


May 3, 2010
Who cares about the mullets if the bods are buff? Awesome photos guys! I guess we wont hear from you once you're on the mighty train?? :-/
May 4, 2010
Nice pics!!
May 4, 2010
Yes very cool pics! would have loved to have seen some of the locals :-) make sure you take some before you leave yes?
Hopefully hear from you once you get to China!
May 4, 2010
Sheesh, you're harsh! :)

Get used to the fact that men and women dress differently in Moscow - it's just another fashion. Plus, bliny are great in "Shokoladnica", while Teremok is not something I would advise.

Hope you enjoy Moscow!
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