Moscow, Russia (on second thoughts...)

May 4, 2010 - Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

When we woke up this morning, a new guy (from Kazikstan) replaced the Spanish couple. He was very friendly and kindly offered us some of his seafood pizza for breakfast (!?) ...seeing as I dont like eating seafood at the best of times, the prawns on pizza didn't appeal to me but he insisted, so I smiled and just ate it!

A little later (as we were trying to digest the prawns) we heard this loud thundering noise and ran to the window to see what is was and got treated to Russian fighter planes flying past (really low). Loads of them came past (they are celebrating 65 years since the end of the War), and they were pretty awesome to watch!

So... I have a confession to make - I think I judged Moscow too swiftly... this city does have charm... you just have to explore it more and give it some time. After a while you start warming to it.  We went walking today (in a differant area) and ACTUALLY everyone was dressed pretty stylish. The bars and resturants looked REALLY cool, and I've heard the nightlife is supposed to be awesome!

We also had a look around the underground stations today - WOW! Very grand.

Ok, we're going to go and do some food shopping for the train now. We'll hopefully update the blog again in Ulaanbatour when we get to Mongolia.

Jinnie & Alex



The Subway
Waiting for the train...
Getting ready to board
The Trans-Siberian!!!

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May 4, 2010
Kazakhstan? Yakshimash! Mongolia here we come!
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