May 8, 2010 - Novosibirsk, Russia

We woke up at 2am this morning.. which felt more like 5 or 6am as it was so light outside allready.. but our body clocks are so messed up and we've gone through 6 time zones, so we never really sure of the time, we just go buy what our Chinese train attendant tells us..

We got up early to see Lake Baikal.. we waited glued to the window, along with some fellow passengers.. our Lonely Planet guide claims its the most scenic part of the trip.  Somewhere in the night,  the scenery had changed yet again.. we're now going through snowy forrest, a blanket of thick frozt covers the ground outside and its cold all of a sudden! Just as I decide I'm going back to bed, I see Lake Baikal.. its Huge.. it looks more like an ocean than a lake, and it sits against a backdrop of mountains.. its stunning! Some crazy guy is ice fishing and a big, ugly, industrial town sits right next to the lake.. looking very out of place.

I finally went back to bed and proceeded to sleep for most of the day.. only waking up to eat yet another pot noodle meal (which are starting to get really boring now, even the chilli isn't doing its trick on the plain noodles anymore). Alex and I got onto the subject of what we wanted to eat and decided that we wanted eggs benedict from Willie Guns for breakfast, steak baguette's for lunch and a chicken dansak from Nazmins for dinner. Maybe next year! :-(

Oh, and another thing;  can someone PLEASE explain the milk 'situation' in Russia?? We got off at a station to buy more milk (for our Cheerios) and bought yet another carton of sour milk by mistake (!?) Milk doesn't seem to be that popular in Russia, yet SOUR MILK is EVERYWHERE... why is that?

Jinnie & Alex


Brrrrrrrrrrrrr ;)
Lake Baikal


May 9, 2010
"Sour milk has always been an important food in Russia, especially for children, and has not been discarded; because it is now often used as another substitute for meat. Russian doctors recommend that all children be given a strictly vegetable diet during four days of the week, and that on the other three days they can be given curd, sour milk, and occasionally, meat. It is interesting to note that both children and adults in Russia usually eat four times a day." Can you confirm this? Really interesting!!
May 9, 2010
ps. I NEVER thought I would hear: "even the chilli isn't doing its trick" come out of your mouth. It must be dire!! LOL!
May 10, 2010
oh gosh i would die. i ONLY drink Clover's FULL CREAM Long-life-creamy milk :-)
But then again, I would trade it any day for such an awesome trip!!
May 10, 2010
they have the right idea, milk thats gone off and gone sour and starting to mold and starting to grow little trees in it is supposed to be much healthier for you i think.
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