May 10, 2010 - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Day 5 was spent mostly sat at the Russian border (trying to EXIT the country!). A lot of Russian officials boarded the train - dressed in those furry big russian hats and green coats, looking very 'official' indeed! Alex and I were even asked to leave our room while they searched it - just to make sure we weren't taking anything ilegal out of the country. Its funny how you can feel nervous even when you're totally innocent.

5 hours later, we moved a mile or so across to the Mongolian border, and a local guy boarded the train and asked us if we'd like to change our Rubbles into 'MNT' (the Mongolian currency). We didn't know the exchange rate and almost did it, but changed our minds at the last minute, and luckily so; he was going to give us 4 MNT per 1 RUB, and the exchange rate is actually 43 MNT per 1 RUB!!! LOL

We finally got off at Ulaanbataar in Mongolia, really excited to be here and strangely feeling a bit sad to leave our moving 'home'...

Jinnie & Alex



Life on the train...


May 10, 2010
Love reading the blog :-) gives me something to fantasize about while working my boring 9-7 job!
Keep em coming and the DARE still stands...

Zak Emerson:
May 10, 2010
Don't you just miss working in the cupboard?
May 10, 2010
so glad you didnt change your money up - what a rip off, bet the officials did seem scary x
May 10, 2010
Jinnie a natural for journal entries x
Michael Cousins:
May 15, 2010
Hi Alex, Jinnie

Looks you guys are having an amazing time, very jealous. Looking forward to following your trip.

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