Xian, China (The Terracotta Warriors)

May 28, 2010 - Xian, China

We're in Xi'an. Its has been raining for the last couple of days and for the first time since we left the UK we started missing a few home comforts. Just the little things you usually take for granted: western food, watching tv, going to the cinema and having a glass of wine (or a beer in Yeo's case) with a friend.

Every time one of us goes on about missing something though, we remind each other that we are free from the '9-5' drill and that we're in CHINA... seeing the world... usually that is followed by a 'high five' and a big grin all round! (sorry... ;)

Yesterday we went to see the Terracotta Warriors. Most hostels do a tour for 190 RMB (one guy even paid 500 RMB for the same tour!) anyway, Yeo and I decided we didn't need to go on a tour and made our own way there instead (quite easy actually) and saved ourselves 100 RMB...

There are 3 'pits' which have been excavated. We did them back to front as suggested in the good old Lonely Planet. In pit 2 & 3 the lighting is a bit dark & moody and some of the Warriors lie in pieces... broken, and still in the dirt, half covered in mud. Pit 1 is HUGE! At first it seems a bit disappointing as its all enclosed in some sort of giant aircraft hanger, but then you realise it's still an actual live dig! There are archaeologist working on it right in-front of you (pretty cool!), and you can see 2000 standing Warriors.. there is suppose to be 6000 in there but they are still busy recovering the rest of them.

So all in all we had a great day out (and that's about all we wanted from Xi'an). The rest of our time here was spent reading, relaxing and satisfying our cravings for western food (making a pit stop at KFC) and ordering everything BUT Chinese food from our hostel restaurant. In-fact, the only time we had Chinese food in Xi'an was too try out KFC's Chinese counterpart.. Mr Lee :)

Jinnie & Alex


Mr Lee (aka the Chinese Kernel)
Mr Lee's noodle world of fun ;)
'Hang Ten' Hostel
Street food


May 28, 2010
terracotta warriors - am soo jealous x
May 28, 2010
Wow I didn't realise some of them were still painted! Would *love* to see this someday. Really glad I've just been travelling otherwise the jealousy may kill me :-) xx
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