The Killing Fields, Cambodia

June 16, 2010 - Phnum Pénh, Cambodia


I'll keep this one brief, because it's not going to brighten anyones day, but today we went to the killing fields near Phnom Phen in Cambodia...

The whole history of this place has always facinated me, but it was still a shock to actually be there and in particular to hear about individuals experiences and to see depictions of some of the really, really ****ed up things people did here! There were a series of child-like paintings in a small museum at the site - made by a survivor depicting some of the things that happened there - which I found particuarly grim. The worst of which showed a tree (that we later found for real), which guards used to smash female inmates new-born babies up against to stop them growing up and seeking revenge. It really was stomach churning!

As we walked about, there were still human bones literaly poking up through the ground everywhere.

Later, we also visited S-21, which was a former school used as a torture chamber. There are hundreds of photographs of victims all through the many rooms and floors. The brick and wooden cells used to hold people are also still as they were found, along with several torture rooms. Each torture room houses only a metal bed, and on the wall is a photograph taken in the same room of one of the thousands of people killed there - in that room! It can't help but get into your head...

I'll leave it at that.

Alex & Jinnie


View from S-21
Barbed wire used to stop inmates jumping
The brick cells in S-21
The brick cells in S-21


June 16, 2010
:-( very sad. Must have been a really strange experience for you both.
June 17, 2010
Woah. Hectic.
June 17, 2010
oh my word. we don't realise how blessed we really are!!!!
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