Hoi An, Vietnam

June 29, 2010 - Hoi An, Vietnam

Alex and I originally planned to stay in Hoi An for 3 days then move on to Hue.. but we booked into a really nice hotel (Than Van) which is near the Old Town -  a Uniseco World Heritage site and best of all.. also near the beach AND we have a very nice pool at the hotel (believe me, you need it - its roasting out here). SO.. in the end we decided to miss out on Hue (another old town) and just chill in Hoi An because we were loving it so much.
We spent a whole week here.. during the day we'd either make our way to China Beach (where the American soldiers use to go for R&R whilst fighting in the war) or just lay by the pool and in the evening we'd wonder off into the old town and eat at our favourite restaurant in town - Cargo Club, which has amazing food and delicious cakes! On the 26th - Yeo's Bday, we went to the beach, rented a jet ski and swam the whole day, only stopping to eat calamari and drink cocktails, then in the evening we went to Cargo's for some chocolate Bday cake.

The beach is so nice - just what we were longing for. Its a long stretch of white sand and palm trees that seem to go on forever, the first day we spent on the beach was awesome as we were the only tourist there and had the whole beach to ourselves.  :) You can walk in really deep as the water is so shallow and the cool temperature is JUST right.  We also saw 4 huge jellyfish whilst swimming - they had white spots on them and had a red colouring underneath.

We got lucky on one evening, there was a full moon party in the Old Town (not full moon party Thailand style) but everyone walked around carrying lanterns and its very pretty and peaceful.. we walked along the river, watching lanterns & little boats float past.  There was such a nice atmosphere as no cars or motorbikes are allowed into the old town and local 'singers' perform on the sidewalk and kids play games in the street (cant say much for Vietnamese singing though!) :)

The Old Town is pretty, its full of old French Colonial style buildings and a big market, selling mostly fruit.  Hoi An has a bit of a 'Foodie' reputation as the food here is very Good! There's a river that runs through the town and about a million tailor and shoe shops where you can get any shoe or clothing tailor made for about a tenner!! I had to stop myself from getting a whole new wardrobe!! 

Alex and I drank about 10 cocktails each one night (and a few Jager-bombs)!! along the river and then got 2 guys on motorbikes to give us a lift back to our hotel at about 2am.. they drove really fast and every time my bike would pass Yeo's (or visa versa) we would high five each other whilst laughing and screaming.. encouraging our drivers to go faster! :-/ (Sorry Anne!) We were reminded the next day why we don't drink that much anymore! LOL

Today we felt like doing something a bit different and decided to do a photo-tour with a French expat, who's lived in Hoi An for just over 3 years.. His name is Etienne Bossot, he's such a lovely guy and we had SUCH a good morning with him, I would highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Hoi An!  We woke up at 4:30 am and he took us on a local boat, we watched the sunrise on the river and then got to a fishermen village where we watched the fishermen bring in their catch from a night at sea - we sat on the river delta; where the ocean and river meet watching the locals.. no other 'whities' in sight :)

We also watched as the locals smoked the fish and went to a place that makes fish sauce.. the put fish into a big vat with water and salt and leave it like that for 6 months before its ready to be bottled (you can just imagine the smell!) Very interesting though! After drinking some Vietnamese coffee at one of the locals houses we got onto bikes and cycled through the village, along the river all the way back to the old town.. it was one of the highlights of the trip for me so far - I totally loved it!

At 3pm we're driving back to Danang (45 min away) and from there we take an hour's flight to Hanoi (the capital) with another old town, we'll probably only stay for one night and then book a boat tour to Halong Bay.. we'll report back on that later.

Jinnie & Alex


Mini Kung Fu
Jinnie 'phoning home'
Alex on his birthday present


June 30, 2010
Wow guys - these photos are just startin to really come alive - phenomonal pictures honestly - mmmm 6month old salty fish water yum!!!!!!
June 30, 2010
I second that -Amazing photos... I can almost feel the heat from the steam in those cooking vats!
Happy Belated Birthday Yeo! xxx
June 30, 2010
Amazing photos. Your blog has just made me feel all beachy and relaxed... ahhhhh. Thanks!

Happy birthday dude! Sounds like it must have been one of the best. :)
July 1, 2010
Looks lovely, I'm super jealous you travelling scum!! xxx
July 1, 2010
Some great pictures as always, ....made note in little black book......Alex being led astray with dangerous pursuits!!! Ha.
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