Hanoi, Vietnam

July 1, 2010 - Ha Noi, Vietnam

En-route to Halong Bay, we did a whistle stop tour of Hanoi - although we could have definately spent more time here! It's probably my second favorite city on the trip so far (after Beijing). There's lots of streetlife and a great mix of old and new, but unlike Saigon, there are lots of trees everywhere, which really helps give the place a look...

Each street has it's own trade; so there's a fabric street, a spice street, bamboo street... didn't come across 'halfway-decent western food' street, but I'm sure it's out there ;)

Tomorrow we're off to get our junk on a junk (!?) in Halong bay...

Alex & Jinnie


Duy Hai Fishing Village
Mmmmm, fish (!?)
Awwww, cute :)
Boat, in Hoi An

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July 1, 2010
hahahahahaha!!!! I need a 'peanutbutter street' here in the jungle!! :)
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